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Jul 28, 2022


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How To Use Bookings Data To Supercharge Your CRM

How To Use Bookings Data To Supercharge Your CRM

Your table booking data is a treasure trove of customer insights. That’s the place where customers tell you about their individual needs and preferences when it comes to dining out. Though to use your data effectively it’s best to link your booking system to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

This creates a single customer view where all information on that particular customer is gathered together. Use those insights to personalise your customer experience and turn them into regulars.

Generate More Sales With Connected Bookings And CRM Data

The key to high conversion rates and increased sales is personalisation. You can power your personalised campaigns with all the data you gather together in your CRM. Also access data sources such as loyalty schemes, e-commerce, guest WiFionline reviews, etc. for this.

Ideally, you opt for an all-in-one solution. The data sync will happen automatically and your database will grow and be kept updated for you.

As a fallback, you can integrate your systems but there are risks, such as duplicate creation, transmission errors and added costs.

How To Build A Strong Customer Profile From Your Bookings Data

Here’s what you should include in your customer profile.

Customer related:

  • Basic contact details, including birthday if possible
  • Demographics – family, couple
  • Preferences – favourite table, food & drink
  • Dietary requirements

Booking related:

  • Frequency – loyal customer vs. first-time visitor, last booking
  • Behaviour – day of the week and times
  • Type – one table or group, events
  • Special occasions – birthdays and other anniversaries
  • Customer satisfaction based on reviews
  • Check size – big vs low spender
  • Previous no-shows

All these can be used to feed your personalised marketing campaigns. E.g. a special deal for your customer’s favourite drink, a simple birthday offer or a win-back campaign if it’s been a while since the last booking.

Looking for a smart hospitality growth platform that combines CRM, bookings, marketing and much more? Book a demo with our team to find out more about Stampede.



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