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Improve your review score with Stampede

How it works

Stampede loyalty is a paperless stamp card-style system. You set the reward and number of stamps needed to claim. Your customers download the Stampede Loyalty app which keeps all their cards in one place.

There are multiple ways for customers to stamp their digital cards: by logging in to your WiFi, scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC tag unique to your venue.

Why go digital:

  • Increase spend per head and spend per visit
  • Change promotions and offers fast and easily
  • Save time and money with fewer fliers and posters

From £49/m per venue

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Improve your review score with Stampede

For your business

Loyalty programs and rewards are a proven way to encourage customers to return and build a lasting relationship with your brand.

Repeat customers spend up to 67% more than first-time customers and cost significantly less to acquire.

Business Benefit:

  • Requires no staff training
  • Simple and fast to set up
  • Easiest way to bring customers back more often
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For your customers

A digital stamp card loyalty system delivers the experience customers desire: an uncomplicated way to get rewards from the restaurants, cafes and businesses they already love, just by visiting more often.

With Stampede, all your return customers automatically get issued with a digital stamp card, they just have to download the 100% free app to use it.

Customer Benefit:

  • All cards in one app, and always on hand
  • They never miss a stamp with 3 ways to get them
  • They earn great rewards, set by you

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