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May 22, 2023


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8 Quick Tips To Maximise Your Hospitality CRM

8 Quick Tips To Maximise Your Hospitality CRM

There are some essential strategies that hospitality operators should implement to unlock the full potential of their Customer Relationship System (CRM).

In this article, we’ve collated 8 easy-to-implement CRM strategy tips for you to help you get started.

1. Proper staff onboarding

New hires should get standardised onboarding training, covering all CRM features. This way they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles from the beginning on.

Additionally, you should highlight how a CRM can be best used on a daily basis. It increases efficiency and lessens the overall workload.

2. Define clear goals

As with every successful project, using a hospitality CRM should also include setting long-term goals.

The first step is to identify what you want to achieve. Then work backwards to determine what steps you need to take to get there. Goals should always be specific and measurable using your CRM data and relevant features.

Make sure to keep track of your progress along the way to determine if you need to adjust your marketing or sales strategy.

3. Make use of CRM reports and analytics

Another CRM tip is reports and analytics features. They provide actionable insights into the performance of your business and help you identify trends to make improvements. 

You can create customised report dashboards with metrics that matter most to your business, highlighting areas of strength and weakness. An overview dashboard also allows you to compare multiple venues in one glance.

4. Integrate with other tech tools

Collate all your data sources into your CRM solution to streamline your operations and build a full 360° customer profile. 

Rather than manually uploading spreadsheets, make sure to set up automations to save time and reduce errors.

5. Keep your CRM data clean

To maximise the CRM system, it’s absolutely necessary that hospitality operators keep their data clean and up to date all the time.

Make sure that customer profiles and mailing lists are regularly updated.

In addition, removing unengaged customers from the database helps to save time and money. It keeps your data relevant to who you are marketing to. 

6. Automate as much as possible

By automating simple processes through your CRM, you can streamline your entire operation. But also free up time to focus on more strategic, high-level tasks. 

For example, through marketing automation businesses can send personalised email and SMS messages on auto-pilot that drive repeat visits.

7. Use customer interaction to upsell

CRM data insights help operators to better understand customer preferences, buying habits, and pain points. 

Armed with this knowledge, hospitality operators can offer customers tailored products or services based on their past interactions. This allows them to create a memorable customer experience.

8. Use profile tagging

Using the profile tagging feature in your CRM is another powerful tip. It helps organise your customer data into categories based on shared characteristics.

From this, you can then send out highly-targeted campaigns that are more effective, engaging, and likely to drive conversions. 


All of these actionable 8 CRM tips can be incredibly powerful in driving customer loyalty and revenue in your hospitality business.

There is no doubt that taking some time now to dive deep into understanding the power of a CRM-driven business will only pay dividends for years to come.



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