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Improve your marketing with Stampede

Email marketing

It’s the most cost-effective and efficient way to increase your revenue. More than 80% of businesses use email marketing as their primary way to retain customers and keep them coming back.

Restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues should be no different.

Email marketing includes:

  • Quick customer segmentation
  • Easy to use drop and drag builder
  • Ready-made templates based on real successful campaigns
  • Accurate conversion tracking with unique voucher codes
Deniss Petrovs - MD @ Cocktail Embassy

Deniss Petrovs - MD @ Cocktail Embassy
"Stampede has become such a powerful marketing tool for us at CRU Holdings. It is well designed, flexible and integrates seamlessly with other systems."
Improve your marketing with Stampede

SMS marketing

Reach your customers where they are: on their mobiles and on the go.

SMS marketing has a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes of message delivery.

Send timely, personalised messages for an immediate response – bring those customers back to your venue.

SMS marketing:

  • Keep customers engaged and generate repeat business
  • Support email marketing and increase open rates by 20-30%
  • Measure repeat visits and track ROI directly
Improve your marketing with Stampede


Keep in touch with customers and build your brand presence, without spending hours on marketing.

Use real customer behaviour to send highly targeted messages that keep customers engaged.

Use automation to:

  • Send your offers at the right time to the right customers
  • Build a connection with genuinely personalised messages
  • Generate repeat visits and bookings without repeated marketing effort
Upsell marketing
Upsell marketing
Upsell marketing


Design and launch promotions in minutes, without the cost and wait for printers.

We would have statistics here around how hard it is to track response rates on fliers, but those stats don’t exist! Case in point…

Upsell features:

  • Increase spend per head and spend per visit
  • Change promotions and offers fast and easily
  • Save time and money with fewer fliers and posters
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