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Oct 17, 2019


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Getting Started with Guest WiFi in your Venue Today

Getting Started with Guest WiFi in your Venue Today

It’s a well-known fact that customers nowadays want to stay connected wherever they go. Therefore, offering Guest WiFi in your venue can not only attract more customers but also help you to maximise your customer experience whilst also boosting your revenue.

Follow a few simple steps to start offering Guest WiFi that works for you! Once in a lifetime registration for your customers, a whole lot of data to capture for you.

If you have decided to offer WiFi in your venue, but you are not sure what steps you should follow, keep reading. This article is just what you are looking for. If you still think Guest WiFi is a waste of money please go and read this eBook.

Step-by-Step Guide: Top 7 WiFi Mistakes Businesses Make

How to connect to your customers in a unique and personal way

First Things First

Our guide will walk you through all the basics and necessary things that you need to consider when offering awesome WiFi. Starting with your branded login page, allowing you to collect more valuable customer data (GDPR compliant) and helping you to increase the number of loyal customers. Best of all, you’ll learn how to turn your provision of free Guest WiFi from 100 % cost into a revenue generator.

Once you have ticked off all the basics, it is time to take advantage of the real power of Stampede. Enjoy your results and revenue boost with two of our extra features: 

WiFi Analytics

Start collecting all your customer information through your Guest WiFi, visualise it and get ideas on how to improve your products and services. Also, knowing your customers’ expectations and needs is essential if you don’t know who they are, how can you improve their experience?

All the data you’re collecting is analysed automatically and converted into easy to understand graphs and reports. In other words, providing you with information about dwell times to average time spent, the number of returning customers and much more. Above all, there is no simpler and more efficient way to understand your customers and their behaviour.

Now it’s time to act on the insights you’ve gained. One way to make use of it and further engaged with your customers is with our automated marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

Only a few clicks, a couple of minutes and our automated, highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns are ready to go. Having a powerful impact on your repeat business but even better allowing you to save time as its all done automatically. 

So once set up they’ll work for themselves, that’s exactly what you need in today’s busy working environment. Create short and personalised offers based on your customers’ preferences to get people back into your venue and be able to track the results instantly. 

“Haven’t seen you while, why not come back and get a drink for free?”

“Happy Birthday! To celebrate your special day, we want to offer you a 10% discount on your next food bill.”

If you want to find out more ways of how to make positive use of our customer data gained through your Guest WiFi, have a look at our other features.

Enjoy your Results

Download your free eBooks today to start enjoying these results from your Guest WiFi right away! In other words, boost your sales, increase returning customers, offer a safe and compliant WiFi solution, get powerful insights and improve your social media presence –  in just a few steps. 

Best of all, you don’t need any marketing or IT knowledge.

What are you waiting for? 

Click here to get started.



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