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The Marketing Power of WiFi Analytics [2019]

The Marketing Power of WiFi Analytics [2019] 1092 664 Chris Wilkie

Consumers now have expectations of being able to enjoy a free WiFi service wherever they may be. Not only is it expected to be secure, and comply with data protection laws, it is also expected to be of good quality. The expectation of free and accessible WiFi can be incredibly beneficial to your business in more ways than you might imagine.

Data obtained from WiFi analytics can help you understand your customer’s habits and preferences. Knowing this can help you, as a retailer, determine when your busiest hours are, what stock sells better, and even can help you determine the hours you will need more staff on site. However, its strength lies in its great marketing potential.

The Benefits of WiFi analytics

At this stage, it is important to understand the difference between “analytics” and “analysis”. In short, “analytics” provide a What If thinking to larger problems that would be inflexible otherwise. Whereas “analysis” is used for well-understood problems. This What If mentality can help business asses who will be passing by their shop at what time, can help understand which of their products are the most popular, and thus, need to be most stocked and also help determine how many members of staff are going to be needed at any given period.

One good example is a major shopping mall in Finland, which uses WiFi analytics to boost tenants and negotiate rental rates because it can prove which demographics pass where in the mall and at which time.

However, WiFi analytics goes beyond negotiating rents and helping your business run smoother. It can be a great way to bring you closer to your customers. It allows you to offer your customers new services. Take for example Wetherspoons, which now offers an app where you can order food and drinks without leaving your table. This service can then lead to targeted marketing.

The data collected from these analytics can help you understand what marketing campaigns are working and drawing in customers to your business. Knowing a customer’s spending habits and preferences means you can market a product or service that is catered to them. Many free WiFi hotspots require the user to sign in or register, which gives you access to their email address and a gateway into marketing.

Marketing with WiFi Analytics

There are two main ways to use WiFi analytics to market your brand. Both are great for any type of company or business, and will help your brand increase repeat sales, customer numbers and make your name the first on everyone’s mind.

Customer Identification allows you to use your WiFi analytics data to identify those customers most likely to return. From this data, you can design marketing campaigns, using techniques that have proven to have worked in the past. One example is this: if you are running a hotel and offering free WiFi, you can identify which guests come more often and tailor your campaign to get them to keep returning to your hotel.

This method of marketing gives you the opportunity to build long-term relations with your customers. If you are able to offer them discounts and offers for returning, they are more likely to chose you over the competition. It is a great way to build a loyal customer base.

Buyer Personas are a great way to target a specific audience. Marketing your business constantly is the best way to ensure you don’t become a one sale business and ensure a constant stream of new and repeat customers.

Using WiFi analytics you can identify age, gender and location of your customers and therefore, create your own buyer personas and target your marketing campaigns. If you know, thanks to the data, that your most frequent consumers are male between the ages of 25 and 35 you can create advertisements to entice them to keep coming back. This also works if you have a smaller demographic of say, women aged 40-50, but want to increase it. Again, with that data you can then use your proven marketing techniques to entice more of that demographic to your business.

Sensitive information

While WiFi analytics are great to help your business grow, there is reason to be cautious. Some information shared to gain access to your free WiFi, such as an E-mail address, must be treated with caution and the person logging in must be aware that their information will be used for marketing purposes. Be sure to have a good understanding of the data protection laws for your area.

Wrapping Up

When done correctly, it can be argued that WiFi analytics data is your best marketing device. It can help increase the interest of demographics you wish to attract to your brand. Marketing is constantly evolving in the 21st century and it is important to keep up with the times for your business to expand.
The way society uses their mobile phones is changing, being on top of that with such aids as WiFi analytics will help you better understand your consumer, and thus, be able to offer high-quality, catered marketing targeted towards the demographic of your choice.
WiFi analytics can greatly improve your business with insightful information. And can also help you think out of the box for catered marketing campaigns, offers and services. Being able to build long-term relations with your customers or create buyer personas are essential to successful marketing. It might seem that this is only accessible to large companies who can afford to spend time and money on investigating the data. That is no longer the case.

Using Stampede can help your business grow with high levels of customer insights and marketing automation at affordable prices. Make sure you find out more and begin growing your business with quality marketing targeted at the demographics that already help your business succeed.

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