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Mar 2, 2021


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All Hospitality Apps Need This One Thing To Work Well

All Hospitality Apps Need This One Thing To Work Well

Get Prepped For Reopening!

You’re probably well on with reopening preparation now that dates are in sight. One big part is meeting your customers’ changing needs, expectations and behaviour post-lockdown.

With that in mind, digital tools and technology can ensure a successful reopening by providing contactless and safe interactions with your customers.

Here’s our quick tech-checklist to get you ready to welcome your customers again:

Technology for a seamless and safe service

Technology for hospitality businesses has evolved a lot over the past year. More and more businesses have digitalised parts of their operations:

  • Online ordering apps
  • Pay-at-table apps
  • Track and trace solutions
  • Digital and online menus
  • Digital loyalty and reward programs 

One thing these apps all have in common is the need for an internet connection You can go a step further and offer your customers free and user-friendly Guest WiFi rather than just a simple WiFi connection. This creates a smoother customer experience, and happier customers who are more likely to come back.

Guest WiFi to enhance your digital customer experience

The best Guest WiFi systems work with a one-off login and will automatically remember your customers when they make that return visit. 

In addition, you can use your Guest WiFi to push customers directly to your apps on their phones, and also as part of your Track and Trace system. No need for your customers to download or scan any QR codes. They simply need to connect to your WiFi to get registered, something they are well familiar with. Another tick for frictionless customer experience post-lockdown!

The secret superpower of Guest WiFi is that can also help you grow your customer database. This means you can contact more customers with news and promotions, to bring them back time and again. More contacts, more visits, more revenue. It’s that simple.

Keep the outdoor connected

For the first couple of weeks, all the focus is on our outdoor dining and drinking spaces. In many venues, this will be a new or larger-than-before space.

Therefore, reliable outdoor WiFi coverage is a necessity to support all your different apps. Make sure to check for poor connectivity or blind spots in your (new) outdoor area. Without a stable connection, your customer’s (digital) experience will suffer and most likely influence their next dining choice.

What’s next? 

Guest WiFi contributes to a better customer experience, through safety, connectivity and ultimately – happiness. If you need guidance on a seamless Guest WiFi in your venue get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you get set up.

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