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Sep 27, 2023


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New Features & Updates – September 2023

New Features & Updates – September 2023

This month we’ve been putting the spotlight on branding within Stampede.

Consistent branding has a huge positive impact on customer loyalty and engagement. The goal is to improve recognition and recollection amongst your customers, increasing the chance of word-of-mouth marketing. And we all want more of that lovely free advertising.

What’s new?

Brand Kits – a single location in Stampede to control your brand settings across all channels. This includes WiFi login, review feedback emails, website forms, and the table booking widget.

Bringing the settings for all these into one location will save you and your teams heaps of time and effort. Deploying consistent branding this way won’t have directly measurable results but it’s impact will be positive.

Digging into details

Within the Brand Kit you’ll be able to save things like text font for both headings and body text at account level to save you doing this for every email.

You’ll also be able to upload a Primary image, such as your logo, and colour to be used across all your channels. This would control the colour of all your call-to-action buttons for example “Book now” on an email or “Confirm booking” on your table booking widget.

Lastly (for now) you can also set a default Background image to be used in various locations. This might be a collage of your dishes, an artful photo of your interior design, or maybe something more conceptual around your brand like a pattern.

Once you’ve got these set you can check the previews to see how your various channels will look.

Ideally they should be very similar to your menus, website and any other existing brand elements you have.

If you have an existing brand book – this will be the place to input that so that it’s saved across your account.

Coming soon

Booking confirmation pages – our team is working on a new landing page for table booking confirmations. It’ll make managing bookings easier for customers, and we’re including ways to help them spread the word about their visit to your venues.

Review capture design – we’re also giving our Reviews automation emails a refresh. Mobile optimisation is our main priority here, and when paired with the Brand kits, it’ll tie the digital customer experience together.

Getting started

If you’ve got a Stampede account and want to learn more about Brand kit, or get some help setting up, contact our Customer Success team.

Otherwise you can get a guided tour from one of our team at a time to suit you



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