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Feb 9, 2021


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Social Media Trends 2021 – Snackable Content

Social Media Trends 2021 – Snackable Content

It’s time to have a look at upcoming Social Media Trends. The last year has been quite transformative for businesses and customers alike. Staying connected, being able to communicate with one another and socialising has been taken to another level. 

The one thing playing a crucial role in all this is social media. The way we use and interact on different platforms has changed. New trends have emerged and will continue to gain popularity throughout 2021.

Oberlo has just published an article with 10 trends to watch out for. We’ve picked our top 2 which are particularly relevant for the hospitality industry and will give you some tips on how to make the most out of them.

Snackable Content

The umbrella term summarising our top social media trends is: Snackable Content. Your customers are craving snackable content. This term is somewhat self-explanatory. 

Customers want straightforward, short and easy to digest content. Their attention span drops drastically whilst scrolling through their social media feeds which are probably overloaded with posts. So ideally you get their attention with some highly visual and easygoing content.

Businesses on the other hand want content that is shared and goes viral to boost engagement.

So far so good. Apart from gifs and quotes, there are 2 tools that satisfy all of the above. 


Memes are not a new thing per se. However, the usage of memes has increased by 26% over the last year. Memes often go viral. Think of Bernie Sanders, he was all over our feeds.

Check out the American restaurant chain Denny’s diner who is known for creating and sharing memes around all sorts of topics.

Memes make you laugh, they’re refreshing, relatable and highly engaging. They grab people’s attention and the likelihood that they’re shared is huge. There is an endless amount of memes available to underline your post’s message, anything around food, drinks, fun customer stories, kitchen stories, daily life hassles and much more.

But there are a few things to consider when using memes:


  • Keep them simple
  • Mix them up with other types of content
  • Link them to social media events, i.e. National Pizza Day
  • Include relevant hashtags


  • Don’t overdo it! Only use them when they add value to your post
  • Don’t post outdated ones
  • Avoid double meaning

You can even create your own! Sounds far more complicated than it is, use platforms such as Pixteller. And don’t forget to link them to your brand-related hashtags.


Short-video platform TikTok’s user base went up by 210% during the last year, and most businesses will have customers there. Have you seen the recent sea shanty hype going on? Another great example is the Mexican grill restaurant chain Chipotle. They have launched several (i.e. #GuacDance for the National Avocado Day) very successful record breaking TikTok campaigns.

85% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool. Every social media platform now offers a video sharing tool. “We’re going live” is something you’ve probably heard a lot recently. 

Besides going live, sharing short videos is the new thing. Remember, lighthearted and entertaining is what they want. And short videos are great to create awareness and to attract new customers through the gained exposure.

How hospitality business can use TikTok as part of their Social Media strategy:

  • Go behind the scenes
  • Share recipes
  • Share short DIY kitchen, bar and cooking tricks
  • Q&A
  • Introduce new products/services, team members, partners

Why not give Instagram Reels a try as well? Same idea as TikTok.



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