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Where To Upskill During Downtime

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People around the world have had to adapt to sudden changes in routine. Many of us, for instance, have found ourselves at home with hours of free time at our disposal. Is this you?

You’ve done the relaxing thing and caught up on sleep, you’ve updated your website and social media accounts, you are ready and waiting to implement new marketing ideas, and you have cleaned your home and venue from top to bottom. Now what?  

Now’s the time to find alternative ways of being productive. It’s time to upskill during downtime! It’s time to take coronavirus by the horns and show it that it’s not going to get the better of you. You’re going to improve your knowledge and your insight so that your brand is stronger and ready to take on the market during the toughest of times. 

Let’s do this!

But how?

One way to use your time constructively is to learn new skills. This way, you can gain or maintain certification while differentiating yourself or your hospitality business moving forward. With on-demand modules and other online options such as webinars, home-study courses, educational podcasts, and endless video tutorials, the opportunities to learn remotely, safely, and in your own time are seemingly endless. Allow us to point you in the right direction.

10 Online Tools that Can Help You to Improve Your Skills for the Hospitality Industry

1. Udemy

Udemy has something for everyone. Whether you want to learn more about online marketing, perfect your customer service, or up your knowledge on health and safety in the hospitality industry – this is the go-to platform for quick certificate courses. The courses vary in price but are mostly easy on the pocket (look out for specials). You can also download the Udemy app so that you can up your skills while on the move. 

2. The Google Digital Garage

Looking to brush up on the fundamentals of online marketing? The Google Digital Garage is a platform that has been created for those who are eager to take their business online and enjoy all the benefits. What we love about this platform (over and above the fact that it’s free to access) is that it delivers thorough digital skills courses. It teaches users by giving relatable examples of how different types of businesses can use digital channels in different ways. Once you have completed your online course, you’ll receive a certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe.

3. Duolingo

Hotel and restaurant owners understand the importance of speaking a second (or third) language. This skill can keep you a step ahead of your competition and it also makes you look more professional (not to mention cool). And that’s where Duolingo steps in. The app allows you to learn foreign languages easily. You can also set weekly goals for yourself and track your progress. Best of all, it’s free.

4. Skill-Pill

Skill-Pill is an app that helps you to be the teacher. By mastering the app’s modules and functionality, you can learn how to create courses and training videos that can improve the skills of your employees. From bettering your customer service to learning how to improve your sales and marketing techniques, you will be able to customise the learning experience for your employees so that information is easily absorbed. 

5. Moodle Mobile

This nifty app has many diverse settings and has been designed so that users can access their course material even when they go offline. Apart from having access to a plethora of different learning material, you will also be able to use the app to view your course grades and socialise with users who are studying the same or similar skillsets. Did we mention that it’s free?

6. iTunes U

iTunes U is an open learning channel that features educational audio and video files from universities, museums, and media organisations around the world. The resources are endless, and you can search, download, and play the educational content the same way you would manipulate a song or a podcast on iTunes. 

7. Moz

Business 2 Community[1] refers to Moz as a “technical prowess”. It’s also a good resource to have when you are looking for user-friendly content to learn from. Specifically focusing on educating business owners about the ever-changing world of SEO and inbound marketing, here you will find up-to-date tutorials on the latest in digital online marketing. No misinformation here. 

8. Hipster CEO

We’ll admit, it was the name that first drew us to this mobile game. Yup, this is a sim game instead of a traditional set of courses. When looking into the dynamics of this application, however, we were more intrigued by its ability to help users brush up on their business skills whilst having fun. With a tagline “Build a killer start-up. Or whatever” the aim of the game is to select the industry which you want to start in, hire employees, and go through the ropes to ensure that your “business” is a success. In short, it’s a simulation game that allows you to give those “what if” ideas a test run. 

9. Google Primer

This basic app allows you to pick a business topic or skill – and then you get to enjoy interactive activities around the set topic. It’s the perfect tool to use if you only have a few minutes a day to brush up on your hospitality skills. Whether you are new to business or want to learn about the best digital marketing strategies, this is a great user-friendly offline and online learning aid. 

10. Google Small Business

Yes, we’re mentioning Google for the third time. This is only because it provides amazing business learning tools. Google Small Business, for example, is one of the company’s more recent initiatives, but it’s a powerful learning portal despite its infancy. Essentially, the site helps you to learn how to master the art of marketing yourself on Google. It’s free, the content is easy to absorb, and the information will be extremely valuable to your business. 

Want to learn more about Wi-Fi marketing? Contact Stampede so that we can help you to up your knowledge on one of the hospitality industry’s fastest-growing marketing tools.


[1] Business 2 Community. 8 Best Business Youtube Channels to Sharpen Your Business Skills

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