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Dec 14, 2020


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What’s On This Week – 14/12/2020

What’s On This Week – 14/12/2020

3 Fabulous Food ‘n’ Drink Content Topics

This week’s social media topics will make the foodies amongst your customers happy. Offering you lots of great opportunities to engage with your audience.

#InternationalTeaDay – 15th

Tomorrow is a celebration of the health benefits, economic importance, and cultural heritage of tea, all the while ensuring a more sustainable production from fields to our cups. 

Many hospitality venues have great tea selections with equally fantastic sustainability credentials. It’s worth sharing your tea selection with your customers on your socials. You might also provide them with some background information about the origin, give some tips on how to make the perfect cuppa and which food matches best.

How you drink your tea is a matter of personal choice but definitely offers room for discussion. Whether you go for milk and/or sugar or prefer it black. There are all kinds of different tea colour shades coming with funny names like spray tan, true brit or dirty tap.

Tip: Social Media Poll – how do you like your cuppa?

#ChocolateCoveredAnything Day – 16th

Chocolate addicts, this is your day! All those times when you’ve been asking yourself “How might this taste all covered in chocolate?” this is your perfect opportunity to find it out! 

Maybe you’re less adventurous and prefer to stick to the basics like fruits or sweets. But maybe you want to test your limits (fish fingers?) and create a new chocolaty trend dish for 2021. Anything can be covered in chocolate. 

Ok maybe not anything… but the festive period is usually full of sweet treats to satisfy your chocolate cravings and flex your creativity.

Tip: Social Media Contest – get creative and create your own chocolate-covered dish to win.

#MapleSyrupDay – 17th

Nutritionists discovered it years ago as a healthier alternative for refined sugar. It’s linked to Canada the way Marmite is to the UK. I’m talking about Maple Syrup!

It’s the classic topping for pancakes and waffles as well a key ingredient for many baked treats! But it’s also a great match with savoury food, every tried maple glazed bacon? Maybe on top of your pancake? Maple Syrup is a true allrounder in the kitchen. It even works nicely in cocktails, salads and sticky sauces. There is really no limit here. Why not surprise your customers with a new Maple Syrup creation?

Tip: Video time – get those breakfast stacks ready for some slow-mo, mouthwatering pour videos for your socials.

Got some awesome content to share with your customers? Sling it in an email and get it in front of them – we all need a break from online order update emails in our inbox! Get in touch with one of our team if you need any help with emails.



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