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Apr 21, 2022


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Unlock Hidden Gift Card Revenue: The Next 5 Step Recipe [Part 3/5]

Unlock Hidden Gift Card Revenue: The Next 5 Step Recipe [Part 3/5]

Gift card sales have skyrocketed over the past years with customers being keen to support their local businesses. Though, how many of your sold gift cards have actually been redeemed yet? Fact is, customers spend up to 72% more than the actual value of the card when they redeem it.

Time to unlock your hidden revenue with a personalised gift card reminder campaign using our simple 5 step recipe.

1) The Data

For this campaign, you need to access your gift cards buyer data. The data should include the purchase date and gift card status, i.e. redeemed or unredeemed. 

2) The Trigger Event

Now segment your data into customers who have purchased a gift card but have not redeemed it yet. 

If your gift cards come with an expiration date you can use this as a trigger event, e.g. set up an automated reminder campaign for the month before. 

Otherwise, you can choose the timeframe that works best for you. Ideally, you would run this sort of campaign during quieter times to further boost bookings.

3) The Messaging

Your gift card reminder message should go straight to the point. Keep it simple with a strong call-to-action at the end. Also, use your subject line to tell your customers what your email is about to increase your open rates.

4) The Offer

There’s no need for an additional offer in your campaign. 

However, you can use your customers’ attention to promote certain events or fill in for last-minute cancellations with a prompt to book quickly due to limited availability.

Here’s how your gift card reminder email could look like:

Subject line – [Name] have you redeemed your gift card for [company] yet?

Don’t forget to pay us a visit and redeem your gift card!

Why not come by this weekend? We’ve got [event] coming up and only limited space available. So better be quick!

Book Your Space Now

5) The Outcome

You certainly don’t want to miss out on all this additional revenue coming with your gift card redemptions. So, keep on top of your gift card sales and make sure customers redeem them in time. 

Besides, for many gift card holders this might be the first time at your venue. This is your chance to exceed their expectations and turn them into repeat customers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next part of this series on how you turn customers into regulars across all your venues.

Take your gift cards to the next level and go digital. Get in touch with one of our team to find out more.



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