Euan Campbell

Sep 8, 2020


1 min read

Tripadvisor Tuesday – Free Widgets

If potential customers are already on your website, you want to keep them there.

On sites like Tripadvisor, people can shop around with easy access to all venues in an area. If they are on your website, you have a better chance to convert them to a paying customer.

So it’s best to give them all the information they could want on there, including your Tripadvisor rating and recent reviews. This will prevent them looking elsewhere in their research, and discovering another venue.

And Tripadvisor has just the tool to provide that information: Widgets.

What’s a Widget?

Widgets are small info boxes that pull through details from your Tripadvisor business page and update in real time. And they’re completely free.

They are created by adding a little bit of HTML code, supplied by Tripadvisor, to your website. Tripadvisor have guides on how to do this, as well as an “Email Code” button that can send it to those responsible for your website.

Business owners have a choice of the 3 different widgets:

  • Display most recent Reviews
  • Collect new Reviews
  • Show off awards and ratings

You can include any and all of these, but our recommendation is to focus first on getting the most recent reviews and your awards and ratings widgets set up.

These two widgets will provide the essential information that potential customers are looking for, without them leaving your website. That way you’re more likely to secure the booking, reservation or order in that same website visit.

To get started setting up your widgets, head to this Tripadvisor page and put your business’ name in the search bar.

If you’re looking for more control over your reviews on Tripadvisor then get in touch with one of our team to discover our Reviews tool.



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