Jennifer Hunter

Aug 13, 2021


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Three Reasons to Get a Delivery App for Your Restaurant

Over the past year and a half restaurants across the world have had to deal with an influx of new challenges that have forced them to seek alternative ways to boost their sales. Although there are many ways a restaurant owner can try to remedy sales, incorporating an app-based food delivery service into your existing business model can prove to be extremely beneficial. Not only can the entire ordering process be simplified considerably by using an app, but more customers can also be reached while the restaurant enjoys a very useful competitive advantage.

The ordering process can be simplified

Before the birth of the delivery app, people who wanted to dine at home either had to phone through an order for delivery, or drive all the way to the restaurant to pick up a take-out order. Switching over to a delivery application simplifies the ordering process considerably for both customers and restaurant operators.  When a customer places an order via a delivery app, the restaurant will receive all the details accurately and immediately. In addition to the ordering process being simplified, customer management can also be rendered more effective through the use of either a customized or third-party delivery app. Apart from providing detailed order patterns, individualized offers can also be created for different customer groups.

More customers can be reached

There are various things to consider before getting listed on a delivery app. This includes determining which apps are the easiest to use and which can help unlock the biggest possible new market. By correctly gauging the latter, one of the greatest benefits of a delivery app can be unlocked: reaching more customers. While a typical restaurant may seat anywhere between 20 and 200 people at the same time, a delivery app can reach thousands simultaneously without having to expand the existing restaurant infrastructure or hire additional staff members. When perusing their options on a third-party delivery app, many customers will inadvertently browse the menus of restaurants they have not previously supported. If they are impressed by what they see, chances are good that they will either order from your establishment or visit it in person, in the future.

Enjoy a competitive advantage

Every year the demand for faster, more convenient methods to have food delivered to your doorstep, increases exponentially. At present, less than 5% of the world’s restaurants offer an online ordering service, however. Having a delivery app created for your restaurant or getting listed on one (or many) existing delivery apps can provide you with a superb competitive advantage.  Even customers who are extremely loyal to a particular brand may seek greener pastures if they find that a competitor is more adept at catering to their expectations.  

Custom-made and third-party delivery apps can be of great benefit to a restaurant. Not only can it help secure a steady income during times of economic uncertainty but it can also attract new customers and boost sales during normal operating circumstances as well.



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