Have you ever been lost in a foreign city? Ever had to send out an important text? There are moments in which we are grateful for an Internet connection on our smartphone and even more grateful for the bars and restaurants around us that allow us to access it.  

In some situations WiFi can be a lifesaver, but at other times it seems like people simply have a crave to check their newsfeed, mails and stay connected with friends. It can be argued that WiFi is indeed highly addictive, as a study from iPass suggests that 27% of respondents indicated that WiFi is impossible to give up.

Let’s put this in relation with other cravings humanity has – gambling is only impossible to give up for 4% of the respondents, while smoking was only slightly higher – at 6%. This connectivity-craving is leading some people to use WiFi on their smartphones even in some weird situations. 

The Toilet 

I am sure you remember the last text you received, but are you aware there’s a good chance this text was composed on a toilet? Fair enough, sitting on the throne can be quite inspirational. I bet the amount of texts sent from bathrooms all around the world must be quite impressive, as 72% of us make use of a smartphone in the stall. Maybe it’s the solitary atmosphere that bathrooms provide us with that make it so likely to just grab a smartphone and explore the fascinating world wide web. We really don’t mind, but please wash your hands.

On a Date 

Having used Tinder in the bathroom, some of us might be lucky enough to have a date or two. Well done! Get your favourite shirt ironed and take your crush to a nice bar around the corner. Don’t forget to be charming, interested in what your counterpart has to say and keep your phone in your pocket. Apparently none of you are listening to our old-fashioned dating advice anyway – since a shocking 36% of people use their smartphone during a date. In other words, more than every third person will have a wee look at Facebook, read some mails or sends an ‘emergency text’ to the best friend during a date.

During Sex

In case the date goes well, brace yourself – 7% use their mobiles even during sex, unfortunately we weren’t able to find out exactly how they do it.

In a Meeting 

Sure, meetings are boring and sometimes you might need to check your phone to bolster a fact or two in your PowerPoint. But, if you’re in a meeting, it’s usually a good idea to give the persenter your full attention. Which apparently more than half of us can’t do, as 53% of respondants reported that they had checked their smartphone during a meeting. For shame. 

At a Funeral 

If you thought tweeting during a date (or an intimate encounter) would be rude or impolite, you might be shocked about the next odd situation. Some people would literally take their smartphone to the grave if they could – 11% of respondents during the research admitted they’d use their smartphone even during a funeral. Somethings are a little too much, even for us. 

Being Connected is a Good Thing

Just because some internet users lose control over their habits and might have a weird relation to their smartphone, doesn’t mean we all have to follow in their footsteps.

Internet and smartphones have revolutionised the way we interact, the way we plan and even the way we live. The strong need to connect with others, share our experiences online and always be up to date, has brought an opportunity for businesses looking to expand their audience.

The importance of offering an Internet access to customers is absolutely vital today. If you want to learn more about guest WiFi and how offering it will benefit both your business and your customers, click below.

Just make sure you wash your hands first. 

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