The New Caffeine Fix Campaign

The New Caffeine Fix Campaign 150 150 Euan Campbell

Washing machine tablets, shaving equipment, craft beer and Volvo cars. What do they all have in common with coffee? One word: subscriptions.

Pret a Manger and Leon have just announced subscription schemes for coffee and other beverages. We’ll discuss Pret’s offer today, Leon’s tomorrow.

Pret are offering up to 5 coffees or drinks a day for £20 a month.

There are two direct ways this benefits Pret:

  1. Upselling and cross-selling. People will buy more than coffee when they visit a store
  2. Not everyone will use their monthly quota. This means the lack of office lunch footfall will work in their favour.

But there are other benefits for them too – aside from the news coverage.

Craftily, customers have to use a Pret app to use the scheme.  So this means that not only will they create more loyal customers, but they’ll also build up a contact database and extra marketing opportunities.

As grab-and-go businesses, it’s difficult for them to build up contact databases as easily as sit-in venues can.  

Stampede builds these customer contacts automatically in a variety of ways, so we’ve seen how fast you can build databases (some of our clients gain thousands of customer records every day). These databases are the key to bringing customers back, with carefully crafted offers sent to the right people, at the right time.

Build your database, create loyal customers, grow your business. This is definitely not an exclusive for big chains.