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Feb 27, 2020


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The Best Marketing Methods For Your Pub

The Best Marketing Methods For Your Pub

From the pride of having your name over the door to the every day chats with people from all walks of life. There are so many reasons for opening your own pub. Maybe you can’t stand the thought of being stuck in a dead-end job and being answerable to the boss from hell. Or maybe you want to avoid the mundanity and limitations of the 9-5 life. Either way, it’s important that you create a pub image and atmosphere which will enable you to turn a healthy profit and enjoy essential work satisfaction. You can go a long way towards the realisation of these aims through the use of the pub marketing methods recommended in this helpful blog.

Bar Culture

You can set your bar apart by building a distinct culture which really resonates with your customers. Perhaps your bar has a long-established history, with quaint and charming features from times past. You could build a sense of tradition into your marketing materials. Set the scene on your pub website, explaining and sharing your images which highlight the changes made to your bar over the decades. 

On the other hand, you might want to transform your bar into the venue of choice for local sports fans. In this case, you might consider giving your menu a sporty theme and offering discounts on drinks after big events. 


It is absolutely essential that you have a well-designed website which fits in with the theme of your bar. The website should feature key details such as the location, opening hours, and facilities. You should also keep your online menu updated and provide customers with information about upcoming promotions and events. Testimonials should be featured, telling of the many excellent reasons for paying a visit. 

Your pub website should be regularly topped up with quality content. This also helps you rank higher on top search engine rankings. Perhaps you’ll take the opportunity to write some blogs on your draft beers or upload images of your happy customers. You should also set up a Google My Business account and keep it up to date with all of the latest pub info.

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Word of mouth can be one of the most effective tools when it comes to the promotion of your pub. You should take the opportunity to encourage customers to leave reviews on your website and on well-known third party websites, such as Trip Advisor. Ideally, the reviews will tell of outstanding customer service and delicious pub meals. However, there will inevitably be those customers who take exception and take their moment in the spotlight to share their negative experiences.

It might be tempting to respond with anger and apportion the blame to the newest member of bar staff. However, you should show your professionalism. Letting the customer know that you are sincerely sorry. But also be prepared to do everything within your power to rectify the situation. 

Social Media

You should continue the promotional theme with the sharing of quality content across social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you run a sports bar then you could take pictures of fans getting stuck into some banter over pitchers of your finest beer. You could also post details of organised music nights or your involvement with local charities. Just be sure to maintain a regular and consistent presence across your preferred social media channels. 

Sprout Social have a blog packed full of helpful social media marketing tips for those of you keen to further your digital knowledge and expertise.

WiFi Marketing

As the owner of a modern bar, you absolutely must offer fast and reliable internet connectivity. However, you can take the opportunity to collect a range of customer details in exchange for continued access to free WiFi. WiFi Marketing is another useful method for your pub you shouldn’t miss out on.

Our system allows for the collection and organisation of information. From the number of visits to the drinks and food being ordered by your customers. Why not give it a try?

You can build the customer data into your pub marketing; arranging targeted advertisements and special offers based on customer preferences. Send out Emails with downloadable vouchers and discount coupons in readiness for customer birthdays and major milestones. The reward of customer loyalty is likely to pay off with continued business for your pub.


The marketing methods and tips covered in this blog will help you set your pub apart from the rest. You’ll find that word spreads far and wide as your pub becomes the venue of choice for couples looking for evening romance and regular locals alike. Cheers to that!

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