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Feb 3, 2020


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The Benefits of Personalisation for HORECA Businesses

The Benefits of Personalisation for HORECA Businesses

Personalisation is an ultra-hot topic in HORECA. There’s no denying hospitality is a human art. The word describes the relationship between guest and host. We know that technology can put the ‘person’ into personalisation. Wait staff ask customers how they like their steak and coffee shops now offer a world of variation on the humble cup of coffee. But should businesses like yours adopt an even more personalised approach? What are the actual benefits of personalisation?

Bolster your marketing efforts

When you need to increase the ROI of your marketing, targeting through personalisation gives you the edge. Tailoring your marketing makes your money work harder. We’ve covered the basics of how to get started with personalisation in Useful data for restaurant marketing. It’s most important to realise that personalisation can help at each stage of the customer journey. It informs campaigns so you use the right tactics to reach and influence your audience and boost your engagement. Plus, you can serve your paid social ads, email offers and stories in a personalised way too. 

Your personalised marketing efforts shouldn’t stop once a prospect becomes a customer either. By building up a profile of your guests, you know which special email offers will tempt them to visit you. Additional benefit to make it even more personalised, with Stampede, you can even choose to present your guests’ different offers while they’re on site. Our stories feature gives an easy way to entice customers with the right offer. 

You may be lucky enough to have great wait staff that get to know your customers, what they like and how to upsell them. But the reality of the hospitality industry is that you lose information when staff members leave. They move onto a new role and take that important customer rapport with them. By collecting the right data to feed into your CRM, you can use personalisation to give all your staff a confident starting point. This makes connections easier to build and maintain.

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Standout customer service

We recently wrote about personalisation as an important factor in customer service for families. There are obvious benefits to offering picky-eating kids exactly what appeals to them. But why restrict such choices to children only? You could opt to provide personalisation at the ordering stage, like McDonald’s. They reported a 30% rise in order values in US trials of self-ordering screens and these screens have now made their way to the UK. The evidence suggests that when people are able to order something exactly how they like it with less fuss, they spend more. And isn’t smooth service good customer service? 

To elevate service through personalisation, businesses can use technology to anticipate and meet customer preferences. This needn’t apply to the menu only. By incorporating order ahead or takeaway options, we give customers more control over their journey. It will be interesting to see if service levels become even more personalised in the future beyond the world of fast food.

Could you offer customers a cheaper price for ordering via technology at the table? And would this encourage shy customers to order or visit you more? How about giving any noise-averse customers the option to book during a ‘quiet hour’ in the same way travellers can book a quiet coach? 

Offering countless variations on every aspect of your menu or service is unlikely to be practical. But simply knowing some preferences are catered for can make choosing your venue simpler for individuals as well as groups. It’s not necessarily about offering overwhelming levels of choice. Customers want to feel listened to and valued. Whether that’s auto-filtering a menu for allergy sufferers or helping those with decision fatigue to make a faster choice. Like the ideal burger, ideal customer service differs between individuals, are you catering to your customer’s needs? 

Personalisation’s business lessons

You need to have some idea of your customer’s needs and preferences to cater to their personalisation want. But in doing so, you have the potential to gain further valuable information. Offer your burgers with or without gherkins and you may discover most of your customers don’t like them. This will allow you to save on stock and rethink your recipe. 

Marketing can also be supercharged when you know what tempts individual and segments of visitors to visit you. You might even choose to use a guest’s previous ordering history to target marketing specifically to them before and during a visit. And you can be sure your message is delivered to them according to their preferences for a better response rate.

Offer and analyse points of differentiation to see what makes your customers tick. In turn, this should improve your marketing reach, lead to more visits and higher sales. Personalisation can fuel everything from customer acquisition to more effective customer loyalty programmes.

If this sounds a little far-fetched, let us show you how bringing together this information together can be easier than you think. Our solution also integrates with CRM systems to help you better understand each customer journey. Are you ready to create tailored experiences that build loyalty for your business?



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