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Feb 19, 2018


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Setting Up Your Airbnb for Guest WiFi today

Setting Up Your Airbnb for Guest WiFi today

You’ve just returned to your property after letting it over a long holiday weekend. Checking around, it looks like everything is in the right place – garbage emptied, no spills on the cushions and your guests have even thoughtfully stripped the bed. The only problem is that they didn’t exactly take everything with them. They left something behind. Something that you’ll never be able to spot. Because it’s all digital. What your guests left behind is a trojan sitting on your Guest WiFi network in your Airbnb, silently gathering all the personal information that you’re sending out through the internet.

And it might take you months to find out. Sounds scary? It’s totally possible.

But don’t let that put you off from offering Guest WiFi to your Airbnb guests. Travellers love WiFi. So much so, in fact, that guest WiFi is the number one amenity that guests look for now when travelling. So you’re left with the question – how to offer safe and secure WiFi to your Airbnb guests while keeping your home networks safe?

We’re more than happy to give you the answer – enter Stampede.

With Stampede, not only can you offer your guests WiFi, you can use collected customer data to run automated marketing campaigns enticing your Airbnb guests to come back. And safety? Because Stampede uses email addresses to authenticate users, you’ll have an instant, easy to access record of everyone who’s ever used your WiFi. All GDPR compliant.

So how to get started? Couldn’t be easier. There’s a couple of options here. It depends on whether you have your own WiFi hardware (which may be the case for larger Airbnbs with multiple rooms) or not (most common for smaller Airbnbs).

Let’s take a look at how these two break down.

Own Hardware

If you’re running a larger Airbnb with multiple access points, you might already have the required hardware and don’t need anything else to get started. Currently, Stampede integrates with hardware from leading WiFi manufacturers like UniFi, Open Mesh, IgniteNet, Cisco, MikroTik and more!

In order to get going with awesome WiFi, simply sign up for a free trial, log in to your dashboard, adjust a few settings and you’re good to go!

No Hardware

This is typically the case for smaller Airbnb owners. Most likely you have an apartment or house with a cable modem/WiFi router. You’ve got the password tacked up on the wall or, even worse, you’re still using the default password that came with the router. That’s bad – but we won’t be too angry. At least you’re taking a step in the right direction. 

Setting Up Your Home Network

First of all, change the default password on your router. This is typically done through a web-based interface for your router, the web address of which came with your setup information or – in all likelihood – on a sticker on the bottom of the router. We’ll call this your Home Network.

Setting Up Your Guest Network

Here’s where the magic comes in. What you’ll need for this setup is a Guest WiFi router. This will set up a second WiFi network, entirely separate from your Home Network for use by your guests. And where can you get one of these routers? Glad you asked because we’ll be more than happy to provide you one. We’ve got routers in all shapes and sizes. Head over to our contact page, sign up for a free trial and one of our helpful tech support representatives will be in touch to ensure you get the exact right router for your Airbnb location.

Configuring Your Guest WiFi 

Once you’ve got your WiFi router from us, the setup couldn’t be easier. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this video.

And that’s it! You’re good to go!

Customising Your Guest WiFi 

Whether you have your own hardware or a handy piece of equipment (and that spiffy sticker) you received from us, set up for both options is the same. Now it’s time to get creative!

Login to your Stampede portal and, under the marketing section, you can upload your guest house logo (you’ve got one of those, right?), a picture of your location, or whatever comes to mind. This will be the screen that your guests see when logging in, so make it memorable and unique to your venue.

Gathering Data

Now comes the really cool part. You can have your Airbnb guests confirm their account in a couple of different ways.

Either by verifying with an email address or with a Facebook check-in. Both have their advantages.

With a Facebook check-in, guests can gain access to the WiFi quickly, and you can then redirect them to your Facebook page where they can easily review and rate your venue and be seen by their friends. An easy word of mouth marketing victory!

But if you want to get to know your customers a little better, you can ask questions like their name, age, gender, postcode as they register. Even better – we’re aware that in some countries you will need to get your guests’ passport details, so in cases like this, you can just add a “Passport Number” field to your capture page. How’s that for efficiency? 

Automated Marketing Campaigns 

Did we say that gathering data was the cool part? Ok yeah, it’s kinda cool but it’s not the REALLY cool part.

No, what’s really neat is all the ways in which you can use this shiny new customer data. Like how? Well, how about importing your guest email addresses into your newsletter email list? Or, even better, sending automated marketing messages.

Let’s say one of your previous Airbnb guests has a birthday coming up – send them an automated email or SMS message saying “Happy Birthday” and offer them a discount on their next stay. Did a guest drop out at the last minute and you’ve got an opening? Send an email or SMS blast to some of your best guests letting them know your place is available.

Did someone say video? Because we’ve got another video which gives you a quick walkthrough of how to get going with Marketing in Stampede

Don’t Forget the Reviews 

We all know that customer reviews on Airbnb are important and are one of the first things that guests are going to see when considering your property. Good reviews can also push your site up in the Airbnb rankings. And bad reviews? Let’s put it this way – there’s an entire site called Airbnb hell filled with Airbnb horror stories.

So, while the experience is still fresh in your guests’ mind, use the automated marketing feature in Stampede to send an email or SMS reminder to review your Airbnb. Even easier – include a link so they can leave a review right from their mobile.

Awesome Airbnb Guest WiFi 

See – that wasn’t all that hard now, was it? You can now rest easy knowing that you’re offering fast, safe and secure Guest WiFi to all your Airbnb guests. Even better, you’ll be able to automatically target them with promotions or specials enticing them back to your location.

Don’t keep your guests waiting! 

Click here to get started.

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