Revolutionising The Way You Charge For Guest WiFi

Revolutionising The Way You Charge For Guest WiFi 1298 1930 Cate Triendl

With our new stripe integration, we make charging for WiFi a whole new and simple experience.

Previously, PayPal was the most common way to obtain money from customers in exchange for WiFi. Unfortunately, not everyone has a PayPal account to use for this, and as a result, can’t enjoy the benefits of WiFi in a paid environment.

However, we now live in an age where bank cards are taking over, with cash only amounting to 32% of total transactions in 2015. For those guests who don’t use PayPal Stampede Pasta Cosa brandingand to the business owners who want a higher return, welcome to Stripe.

Stampede, together with Stripe, have created a bespoke, user-friendly integration that allows one-click pay from the splash screen, which until now was very uncommon in this field. Previously, a user would need to go through numerous steps to get on to a paid network. However, with Stampede, when a user first joins the network they will be prompted to choose a plan and simply enter their payment details and log in. Each time they connect after this, they can simply enter their email address, click “check” and be logged straight in. A great user experience on paid WiFi networks.

From the venue owner perspective, we have made it extremely simple to set up payment plans. Simply choose how much each plan costs, as well as how long it allows access for and that’s all you have to do.

So, to start saving money, whilst providing an easy and efficient way of charging guests for wifi, choose Stampede + Stripe.

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