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Feb 12, 2021


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Quick Tips To Drive More Sales – At-Home Kits

Quick Tips To Drive More Sales – At-Home Kits

This week’s email from KAM-Media put a strong focus on the continued growth of “hospitality-at-home” such as meal kits, ingredient boxes and cocktail kits. 

It’s all go with this trend at the moment, so let’s crack on with:

5 Fast Tips for Hospitality-At-Home Marketing

  1. Add as much detail as possible to your website about the kit(s)
  2. Make the instructions / tasting notes readily available in multiple locations (website, confirmation email, printed copy in box etc.)
  3. Create and upload a how-to video as well
  4. Use a unique hashtag when promoting it on social media – encourage customers to share pictures using the hashtag
  5. Utilise all the tools your eCommerce platform has to offer i.e. cross-sell, upsell, abandon cart email automation etc.

And to give you a quick insight on the state of the “Hospitality-At-Home” market:

5 Findings from KAM-Media’s Consumer Poll

Awareness of what’s available out there is strong, of those surveyed:

  • 63% know about cook at home meal kits
  • 40% have either bought or would consider buying a cook at home meal kit
  • 44% have bought or would consider a finish at home meal kit
  • 38% for cocktails at home
  • 35% for min kegs from a pub

Take a look at the infographic below and head over to their latest email HERE for additional insight.



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