Our New Integration with Airship CRM Software

Our New Integration with Airship CRM Software 1066 600 Chris Wilkie

Stampede, the customer experience and marketing platform this week announced the latest full integration with Airship, the hospitality marketing and CRM software provider.

The integration is the result of several months of collaborative work between the two software companies. Hospitality businesses using Airship CRM can now benefit from additional insights collected through the Stampede solution via their venues’ WiFi network and branded login screen. 

Following continued expansion by Stampede into the hospitality sector, a demand for this integration was found among a number of key customers. 

“They asked. We listened, spoke to Airship and made this happen with their help.” said Patrick Clover, CEO and Founder at Stampede.

“We care about connecting businesses to their customers, and after looking into Airship we could see they have a closely matched goal for hospitality businesses”

By adding Stampede to their venues a business using Airship CRM will be able to add data such as visit count, dwell time in venue, popular visit times and more to customer records. The outcome is a more complete picture of a customer, their behaviour and interaction with a location.

This in turn, helps the business improve their engagement with customers through deeper personalisation in their communications.

Dan Brookman, Airship CEO commented: “It’s imperative that businesses put data to work from the very first customer interaction, this new integration from Stampede to Airship provides a straightforward approach for businesses to build out that engagement mixed with other data providers including ticketing, booking, feedback, unique codes and EPOS. We see WiFi connection data at the very heart of our clients data collection efforts. Stampede have built a smart integration which allows its users to segment data directly within Airship.”

What’s more, with the way Stampede works it will enable venues to create more records in their CRM. Most bookings are made by one person, but consist of multiple people. When these people log in to the WiFi this new integration will enable businesses to create these visitors as new records on Airship.

“We’re really pleased to be working with Dan and the team at Airship. It has been a great learning process for us as part of our growth and we look forward to what the future brings with them.” commented Patrick.

If you’re a current Airship user and would like more information speak to the Stampede team HERE