Patrick Clover

Nov 3, 2016


1 min read

Open Mesh Integration

Open Mesh Integration

Today is a big day for us at Stampede, as we are now fully integrated with the Open Mesh / Cloud Trax ecosystem, meaning you can get up and running with our full suite of features, without visiting a site or buying additional hardware.

Stampede Integration


Integrating with vendors is the next major frontier for us, if you’ve been selling / installing wireless hardware for some time, you will no doubt have your preferred vendor. Open Mesh (with over 80k networks globally) have a terrific product that “Just works out the box”, allowing Meraki level network management at a fraction of the cost. Using our seamless integration, you can now get access to beautifully branded login screens, custom data capture, one time logins, automated email / sms marketing, customer analytics and full UK compliance. Its our job to make sure you are able to offer the gold standard of guest WiFi, having an end user experience that is second to none.


You can get up and running with our full featured product including a 7 day free trial:

Click here to get started.

Together we can put an end to site visits, remote access and poor guest WiFi experiences.



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