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Dec 2, 2021


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New Integration With Storekit

New Integration With Storekit

We’re pleased to announce our latest integration for Stampede with order-and-pay provider Storekit. 

This game-changing integration enables hospitality operators to turn transaction data into powerful marketing campaigns. In turn, this will improve revenues and profitability for hospitality brands working with Storekit and Stampede, whilst also providing the other benefits of both platforms.

Who is Storekit?

Year founded: Storekit formally launched in 2020, although they’ve been working in hospitality tech for over a decade 

What it does: With Storekit, your customers can order and/or pay from their smartphone, wherever they are. For table ordering, that means bigger orders, and a better customer experience. For takeaway, that means growing your audience and improving your bottom line.

Why customers love it: Storekit is the easiest and most beautiful mobile ordering system on the market – they’re bringing world-class consumer software to independent venues. It’s easy for your customers, easy for your team, and easy for you. 

“More sales. That’s the best thing about Storekit. 100%.” – Savan, Owner, The Arch Pub 

The Integration

So, what does this new integration look like? For operators using Storekit, they can now sync their customer and transaction data into Stampede automatically. This adds a new interaction within Stampede, which can be used to create targeted marketing lists. 

Then it’s over to Stampede’s Marketing to send out email and SMS campaigns specifically crafted for those customers, based on their transaction history from Storekit. You can even stack the interactions with other Stampede features for more detailed targeting.

And it comes full circle too. When those customers come back to the venue, or make another purchase through Storekit, that information is attached to the campaigns sent through Stampede. This gives operators a level of reporting and ROI tracking rarely seen for hospitality brands.

Here are some examples of the kind of mailing lists you could build now:

Customers who have:
Spent over £500 (via Storekit)
AND have a birthday in the next 4 weeks (via Stampede Guest WiFi)

What to send:
Send them a special birthday offer, knowing that they’re likely to spend big at your venue

Customers who have:
Spent more than £1000 (via Storekit)
AND have left a negative review (via Stampede Reviews)

What to send:
Send them a win-back campaign as part of service recovery and turn them back into a brand advocate.

Improving Your Profitability

When it comes to acquiring new customers, many hospitality businesses still depend heavily on third-party delivery partners like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat. All of which come with huge costs and minimal profits. 

The combined power of Storekit and Stampede can help operators improve profitability by moving away from depending on these third party businesses. Gather customer data and bring more orders direct to your order-and-pay. Then, keep them coming back and ordering more with intelligent marketing that you control.

Working Together

A shared philosophy by both Stampede and Storekit on what technology should do for hospitality brands has come to fruition via this new integration. Together, we want to provide restaurants, bars, cafes and more with the kind of tech previously only available to online and eCommerce businesses.

Angus Jackson, Co-founder at Storekit said “For us, it was a no brainer to integrate with Stampede; they’re building beautiful tech that fits perfectly with our product philosophy & mission to support forward-thinking and ambitious operators. We’re really excited to see our mutual venues making use of the rich data that will be at their fingertips”

Our founder Patrick said “We don’t use this phrase lightly but this is a game-changer for our customers. Storekit’s order-and-pay product is best in class and the integration between Stampede and Storekit enables unparalleled visibility on the entire customer journey. “

Getting Started

The integration is available to use from 2nd December. If you have both Stampede and Storekit already set up, integrating the systems takes only a couple of minutes. You can find a guide here, or talk to one of our team on live chat.

To learn about either Storekit or Stampede, and this latest integration you can book a call with our team here.



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