Euan Campbell

Oct 23, 2020


1 min read

Keep The Outdoor Connected

So we’re heading into the colder months, and those setting the regulations still talk about outdoor areas for hospitality. It seems inevitable that we’ll be getting layered up to support our favourite venues for the next while. 

Whilst in a riverside pub terrace in York on a chilly evening earlier this week, we got talking about how we’d be happy to see mulled wine/cider etc. on the menu already!

Speaking of winter menus for outside dining, this might be useful.

In the news, Marstons have announced a £2m investment in upgraded outdoor spaces and seating, which will provide additional capacity of around 15,000 covers.

If you’re exploring outdoor space options for the coming months, this is a reminder to check your customer WiFi coverage in these areas. Seating which is further from the source will mean poor or no internet connection for customers.


Our Support Team have an expert knowledge of the best systems for any setup, and are happy to provide free advice on what you might need, as well as contacts for on the ground installation. We can also arrange a site assessment for you through our partners.

Customer Benefits

WiFi isn’t just about letting customers browse Facebook as they sip mulled wine. You can use it to push customers straight to order-and-pay apps (without QR codes), for Track and Trace, to monitor footfall and occupancy and more.

It’s the gateway to better customer experiences in many ways.

For your business, it’s the easiest way to boost the size of your mailing list, just in time to promote your Christmas specials and offers.

We’re here to help you, with WiFi setup questions or the customer experience, by phone, email or live chat.



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