Cate Triendl

Sep 12, 2016


1 min read

iOS 10 WiFi Security Recommendation.

iOS 10 WiFi Security Recommendation.

How does iOS 10 impact your Stampede network?

In short, it doesn’t. The new release won’t impact your network, however, there is something you should be aware off.

With today’s launch of Apple’s new operating system (iOS 10) and the forthcoming launch of the iPhone 7 you may be wondering how this has an impact on your Stampede network after seeing this message:

Stampede iOS 10 wifi screen

A user may also want to find out more by clicking the blue information button and be shown this message, detailing the issue further:

Stampede Secure network

Why is this message shown?

This message is now displayed on all public WiFi networks that don’t have a password to protect them. Instead of a password, as I’m sure you are aware, Stampede offers a fully branded login screen. This makes the network equally secure, complying with legalities to the full extent. A specific device can’t detect that a login screen is in place, like it can when a password is in use. The device will make an assumption that there is no security on the network.

Stampede 6Degrees north

Ready to try safe, secure WiFi for your business?

In this article we’ve shown you a bit about how easy and secure it is to use Stampede for your business.

Not using Stampede yet? That’s ok, we still like you.

But why not sign up for a free, no obligation trial today to see how we can help you grow your business and attract more customers.

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