Introducing: Stories

Introducing: Stories 995 560 Chris Wilkie

With the latest release of our software – Version 4.0 – we have added a brand new feature that will transform how promotions are delivered to customers in venues. Our Story feature.

WiFi Stories allows you to promote news, offers, events and more in a dynamic way. On your Connect account you can now create tiles for individual promotions and messages, that will be shown to returning visitors to your venue, after they login back into the WiFi. Each tile will be shown for 12 seconds before moving on, with a countdown timer along the top.

Heres the clever bit. Stories guarantees visibility of your promotions and messages – as visitors can’t access the free WiFi until they have watched your Stories. You’ve got them in your venue, and now you’ve got their attention – use it wisely!

Also, you can track impressions from the Stories and track clicks and interactions on these in the Connect platform, alongside our improved dashboard, analytics and other marketing tools.

Our WiFi Stories feature is a first of it’s kind for guest WiFi systems and captive portals, and we’re super proud of this innovation and how it can help businesses reach customers in new ways.

If you want to know more setting up and using Stories on your existing Connect account, or are interested in finding out how it can fill a gap in your marketing and promotions – contact our team.