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Jun 14, 2021


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How to Unlock Hidden Revenue From Your Gift Cards

How to Unlock Hidden Revenue From Your Gift Cards

Gift cards sales in hospitality were a key revenue driver during the last year. But how many of your customers have actually redeemed their vouchers yet? They could well have bought them months ago, only for them to gather digital dust in their email inbox.

Time to unlock some hidden gift card revenue now that venues are reopening. Let’s remind those gift card holders that it’s time to redeem their cards and reap the benefits for your business.

Why reminders can get you more customers and more money

Stats show that 72% of customers actually spend more than the value of the voucher. This offers a great opportunity for you to upsell.

What’s more, 60% of customers say that they’ve been introduced to a new brand through a gift voucher. In addition, 18% of those have now become regular customers as a result.

So, don’t miss out on that extra spending and those new customers. Use this opportunity and turn those gift card customers into loyal ones. 

How to send your reminders

Messaging Channels

Utilise your common marketing channels to send reminders, i.e. email and SMS. Think of employing a combined campaign approach of email and SMS for a better response rate. For example, SMS is the perfect medium to promote last-minute availability.

Don’t forget your social media accounts and schedule in some reminder posts on a regular basis. Insta stories are great to boost last-minute bookings from gift cardholders. It’s likely those with gift cards are in those follower lists on social media! 

Who to send it to

If you’re using a digital gift card solution, you can simply target your buyers as a “segment”. This way you can send your reminder campaigns to gift card buyers only.

What’s more, you can easily track the results coming from the campaign and include special promotions only relevant to this customer segment.

Reminder message content

Subject line

Your subject line should be straightforward and on point. Something along the lines of: “Reminder – don’t forget to redeem your gift card” or formulated as a question: “Have you redeemed your gift voucher yet?”.

If your gift cards come with an expiration date, you can include this in your subject line: “Only … left to redeem your gift card”.


Don’t just simply send a short reminder email. You’ve got your customers’ attention, so use it wisely.

  • Promote any offers or special deals
  • Feature upcoming events
  • Highlight any new menu changes and create some sense of urgency “only available for …”
  • Boost downtimes “last-minute bookings left for this …”

Ideally, you’d want your customers to making a booking straight away so your CTA can simply be: “Book Now/Here”. Also, consider including more than one CTA (e.g. underneath the header image and after your main body).

Extra tip – last-minute cancellations

Have an email template ready for last-minute cancellations that you can send out to your gift card holders to fill in any empty spaces. 

Have a look at our 3 Time-Saving Newsletter Tips for more quick writing and design hacks to kick-off your gift card reminder campaign. And get in touch with one of our team for support on anything email and SMS marketing related. 



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