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Aug 19, 2021


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How to Turn Your Venue Into the #1 Remote Working Place [Part I]

How to Turn Your Venue Into the #1 Remote Working Place [Part I]

Is your hospitality venue ready to welcome back remote workers? The work from home guidelines have changed. Not everyone is returning to their office yet, but many are actually tired of working from their own homes. Hence, they are looking for an alternative remote place to work from. 

According to the latest report from KAM media, 1 in 4 people would work remotely in a hospitality venue. This comes with a huge potential for venues to attract more footfall. And use this as a way to fill up spaces during quieter times of the day.

Before you start promoting your hospitality venue as the best remote working place, there’re a few things to get sorted in your venue.

It’s all about the WiFi

First of all, your WiFi should be easy to connect to and offer a secure and fast connection. A captive portal (like Stampede) could be a suitable solution. It works without a password as customers log in using their email, social logins or Apple ID.

What’s more, it will also automatically reconnect customers who have been at your venue before. Definitely a big plus for your customer experience, and especially for repeat remote workers who’ll come infrequently. 

It goes without saying that your network should be able to deal with high usage and that you should have unrestricted speed for any up-and downloads to cater for business needs.

A quick checklist for your venue:

Apart from WiFi, the report from KAM Media also highlighted a couple of other important aspects workers rate as deciding factors when choosing a venue to work from.

  • Enough power sockets?
  • Attractive lunch options?
  • Monthly subscription option for bottomless drinks?
  • Range of non-alcoholic drinks?
  • Comfortable seating?
  • Toilet facilities?
  • Noise level?
  • Separated work area for calls or meetings?
  • Bonus – big screens?

How to promote your space?

Once you’ve got the points from the checklist covered, you have to start creating a buzz and promote your hospitality venue as the ideal remote working place.

What makes your place stand out from the others? Highlight the fact that working from a hospitality venue is much more convenient (food & drinks sorted) than from home.

Get found – places and channels

  • Make sure to show up on “near me searches” for places to work remotely and that your Google My Business profile is up to date.
  • Have a special section on your website featuring any deals and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Pin a post with the main information and your offer on your social media accounts, make it a regular topic of your content.
  • Use email & SMS marketing to reach out to your customer database

Extra tip: ask customers to pre-book a full or half-day working space online to secure themselves a seat and to allow you for a better planning ahead.

Head to Part II of this blog article, all about special offers and package deal ideas for remote workers.

If you want to learn more about how our Captive Portal solution can enhance your customer experience, get in touch with one of our team. We’re happy to help.



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