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May 17, 2021


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How to Tackle Tripadvisor’s Latest Hotel Booking Challenge

How to Tackle Tripadvisor’s Latest Hotel Booking Challenge

We all know Tripadvisor mainly as a platform for reviews and hotel bookings. But did you know that they also have a new Holiday Rentals section on their website? High market competition from vacation rentals and AirBnBs has always been a challenge for the hotel industry. The pandemic further led to a shift in demand patterns with customers looking towards a more private setting for their holidays. 

With the lodging industry slowly opening up again, (staycation) bookings for holiday rentals are highly popular. Many places are already fully booked for the Summer season. Better opportunities for social distancing and staying within your own household might be a reason why people opt for holiday rentals rather than staying in a hotel.

4 Ways To Ramp Up Your Hotel Bookings

This all might sound daunting for hotels. However, if you level up your Tripadvisor strategy and get your promotions right, there is still a big piece of the pie left that could be yours.

1. Reassure Potential Customers Through “Travel Safe” Feature

Win back customers and boost their confidence with the Tripadvisor safety measures option, which is not available for holiday rentals. Tripadvisor allows customers to filter their searches by properties who have added Travel Safe features. So, if you haven’t set it up yet – check out our quick guide to get you started.

Extra tip – the Travel Safe section includes the date that it was last updated. Make sure it indicates a recent date to show that your measurements are updated on a regular basis and in-line with any regulations.

2. Keep Your Tripadvisor Page Updated

Just as you do with your website and social media channels make sure you keep your Tripadvisor page updated with fresh content.

Upload new images, showcasing all the health & safety measurements you have in place to generate trust. The better your guests can picture their experience at your venue in advance, the higher the chance they’ll decide to stay with you.

3. Last-Minute Offers

Many are still hesitating to book their Summer holidays yet. But most of the vacation rentals are already booked. So, this is your chance to promote last-minute deals in your hotel and win those customers over to your venue. Your turn-over is most likely higher than those of holiday rentals, which could present some attractive availability options for those bookings.

Whilst you’re promoting any last-minute rooms, use the opportunity to upsell. Think of an attractive combined offer with your restaurant/spa facilities. 

4. Showcase Your Amenities

Need a break from DIY meal-kits and takeaway food? Could you do with someone pampering you for a while? Keywords that might trigger a lot of us right now. The beauty of staying in a hotel lies in the fact that you don’t have to take care of yourself!

The all-in relax package, which holiday rentals don’t offer. A fact you should tap into right now and center your promotional messaging and Tripadvisor page around. “Get spoiled and take the break you deserve”.

If you need help sending out your email and SMS promotions to your customers or looking for more Tripadvisor best practice to increase your hotel bookings, get in touch with one of our team.



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