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Nov 27, 2020


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How To Celebrate A Milestone

How To Celebrate A Milestone

I got this email from a local fine dining restaurant a few weeks ago, and thought it was too good not share with you.

Wedgwood The Restaurant is one of Edinburgh’s top restaurants from Chef Paul Wedgwood. They were one of the first fine dining venues in Edinburgh to launch an “at home” service during the first lockdown. 

A choice of dishes in a 3-course menu, with heat and serve instructions included, delivered to your home at a reasonable price. Ideal for big celebrations at home.

This recent email was a promotion to celebrate 30 weeks of Wedgwood at Home. It’s a wonderful email marketing campaign. They shared how many meals have been ordered in that time (10,000!!), said a thank you all their supporting customers and threw in a special offer:

“As a thank you to all our wonderful customers, we’re offering a free Wedgwood Shortbread and Tablet with every order this week. + a complimentary ‘Deciding Time’ once the restaurant is allowed to open again.”

Why It Works

The 30-week celebrations and the 10,000 meals stat send a powerful message: they’re experienced at doing fine dining home delivery and it’s very popular. Having ordered it myself back in April – I can confirm it’s an excellent way to mix up the usual home delivery scenario.

Everything from the subject line – “30th Celebrations!” – that engages readers curiosity to the clean design of the email and the gentle incentive (see above) all work brilliantly together. The email also tells readers how to learn more about the weekly changing menu by connecting with Wedgwood on social media.

It’s important to mention that Wedgwood sends fairly regular emails which keep their database warmed up and open to promos like this. The whole email strategy contributes to the effectiveness of individual messages like this one.

Putting It To Use

This milestone promotion style is very versatile. It could be the owner’s birthday, the founding date of your business, a year since a big rebrand, the list goes on. And it certainly stands out against another round of “reopening special offers”. 

Using a celebration or milestone unique to your business to run a promotion is a surefire way to increase sales in quieter periods. There’s no need to wait on the calendar and you’ll get more attention when customers aren’t bombarded with seasonal emails from everyone else.

Got some great ideas for promotions? Get in touch with one of our team and we’ll help you get them in front of your customers.



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