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Jun 21, 2021


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How to Capture Big Revenue From Big Sports Events 2023

How to Capture Big Revenue From Big Sports Events 2023

Sport has the power to bring people together. For 44% of sport fans, watching games in pubs is what they’re looking most forward to. It’s about this special atmosphere of going through the joys (and pains) of a game that is difficult to recreate at home. 

This summer (and beyond) is jam-packed with all sorts of different large sports events. Coming with those sports events are great opportunities to drive customers to your venue and increase your revenue. 

List of most popular sports events this Summer:

  • The Championships Wimbledon (starting 28th of June)
  • Fifa Women’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand (starting 20th of July)
  • Rugby World Cup in France (starting 8th of September)

Check out the full calendar of sports events in 2023. 

Time to plan your marketing ahead

Sports games equal buzzing venues. There’re a few things you should consider and plan in advance to ensure a smooth operation and hence satisfying customer experience during the event. 

  • Urge people to book tables in advance
  • Ordering & serving efficiency – an order & pay solution can take off some work off your staffs’ shoulders, and increase order values
  • Staffing – plan your staff rota accordingly, with focus on big games
  • Offer a pre-order food & drinks option during the booking process

Drive people into your venue

A large number of venues will show the games and events. So how do make yourself stand out? First, level up your marketing comms to drive awareness:

1. Get found more often

Maximise Google search and update your Google My Business page so that potential fans find your venue easily.

2. Keep customers updated

Keep your socials and website up to date with featured games coming up and create a Facebook event.

3. Tailor your email & SMS marketing

Send out regular email and SMS campaigns highlighting your offers and upcoming games. Always provide an option to opt-out of any sporting comms for those not interested. Think about segmenting your database into “sports fans” for more targeted campaigns further in the future. 

Promotional ideas to get more people through the doors

Why should people choose your venue over another? And why should they come back for more games? Special offers and promotions surrounding various sports events play a big part in differentiating yourself from others. 

1. Tweak your menu

Create themed dishes and/or drinks. You might keep it general, e.g. rugby-themed, or make it more special depending on the teams or countries playing. Little tweaks to your menu will also give your customers a reason to come back.

Sharing platters or beer buckets are great to cater for bigger groups. And don’t forget to offer a sports at-home meal kit for those who prefer to watch the games from their own sofa. 

2. Leverage group bookings

Come up with a special VIP package for groups. Including complimentary welcome drinks, free snacks, etc. Depending on the size of your venue, you might offer a more exclusive space to rent. 

3. In-venue sales booster

There are several ways to increase spend per head on match days. Offer a game time happy hour, such as 2-4-1 or a discount on certain drinks between kick-off and final whistle. 

A pre-meal deal is another great sales booster as people tend to eat before the game starts.

With all the sports enthusiasm going on, don’t forget about your other customers who are not into sports!

If you need some help ramping up your sports events marketing promotions to increase revenue, reach out to our team. We’re happy to help.



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