Grab and Grow: Round 2

Grab and Grow: Round 2 150 150 Euan Campbell

Shortly after Pret a Manger announced their YourPret monthly subscription service, healthy eating grab-and-go brand LEON unveiled something similar. They’re offering up to 75 drinks a month for £15.

LEON’s Unlimited Coffee offer depends on people using a click-and-collect app called SmartOrder

The difference between the two is in the detail. LEON’s offer is managed with an innovative use of gift vouchers. Instead of a rolling contract like YourPret (or Netflix etc), customers can choose if they want an Unlimited Coffee voucher for that month.

The downside is no auto-recurring revenue, but the benefit is a speedy setup for LEON to take advantage of a new trend. It also provides the same benefits of a subscription scheme that we covered in Wednesday’s email.

Likewise, if customers have to use an app or online-payment platform to purchase the offer, it grows Leon’s customer database. The very act of signing up for Unlimited Coffee identifies those customers as loyal and regular visitors, a valuable segment for marketing.

LEON’s Unlimited Coffee promotion is further evidence that digital services are the new catalyst for mass customer loyalty. 

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