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Feb 1, 2018


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Get Your Customers To Login Once & Keep Them Always Connected

Get Your Customers To Login Once & Keep Them Always Connected

Setting up a business isn’t easy, but I’m sure no one told you it was. In addition to having stock and seats for your customers, you’ve got to ensure that the infrastructure – like phones and your internet connection – is ready to go. 

Internet, more now than ever, is vital to make your business ready to operate and thrive. Every modern organization and business, whether you’re operating in hospitality, events or retail, relies on internet for internal planning, making orders and communication.

Having an Internet connection and a fast WiFi service in your venue is vital for many of your business processes. Since you’ve got the WiFi setup and going for your business, why not let your guests login and use this network? No need to have another network. Right? WRONG!

If you want to learn how and why sharing the same network with your guests might ruin your business, have a look here. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s bad.) You’re using the backoffice WiFi network to full extent, but are you sure you’re deploying the Guest WiFi to full extent?

Using a proper Guest WiFi solution isn’t rocket science. Easily set up, a secure WiFi solution will not only give your guests the advantage to freely and safely connect to the Internet, it also offers immense benefits for your business. Envision the internet connection you’re offering to guests as a literal connection you are establishing with customers. Inviting your business patrons to surf in your venue, gives you the unique chance to get to know them on a personal level.

When customers make use of your Guest WiFi, you can ask them to leave some information about themselves. Customer Data like name, gender or email address can be collected easily and your business can get to know your customers.

Gathering certain information also enables a business to build customer profiles and learn about their guests’ behaviour, like how often they visit the venue or how long they usually stay. Information like this is extremely valuable to any business, as the venue might be adapted to these insights. For example, if customers tend to linger over a cup of coffee or a meal and work during their visit, installing extra power sockets for laptops and smartphones can make a trip to your venue even more pleasant and uncomplicated for customers.

The great thing about this approach to customer intelligence is that customers only need to go through the Captive Portal once!

Once registered, guests will be automatically logged into the Guest WiFi in seconds. Not only does this help the guests easily use your connection, it also helps you to generate data about them and gain insights for every single visit to your venue. Let’s say your customer visited a venue in New York, USA and your venue in Glasgow – as long as both places are using Stampede, guests will be able to login seemlessly in either venue. Now that’s what we call smooth…

All you need is a single login

Most of your guests will be grateful for the opportunity to use Guest WiFi and they’ll make use of it without a second’s hesitation. That’s how it should be, as the business is also gaining valuable data in return. Creating a win-win situation here is very easy. In case your customers are rather reluctant to use the WiFi or don’t want to exchange their email address for internet access, here’s a little tip:

After going through the Captive Portal, redirect your customers to whichever website you want them to see. So, why not redirect them to a separate Landing Page that includes a little treat like 50% off the next drink? This guarantees you happy customers AND data to profile your visitors. Let’s be honest – ever heard someone say “no” to a discounted drink and free WiFi?

If you want to find out more about how Stampede can help you boost your business, connect to customers and turn them into loyal visitors, click right below and find out.

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