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Apr 17, 2018


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Facebook WiFi and your Business

Facebook WiFi and your Business

Our mobiles have become so close to us that we now carry them wherever we go. We check mails on the bus stop, add favourite songs to a new playlist while we’re in the queue and check Facebook at every chance we get.

Facebook Connects Everyone

Even with all the recent privacy issues, Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms. Why? Because it’s easy and enables us to connect with friends from all around the globe and share the latest cat videos with them – satisfying an ancient human urge. Jokes aside, the benefits Facebook brings are undeniable. Looking a few years back, it was unthinkable to stay in constant contact with friends from the other side of the globe and see what they were up to.

Now, Facebook prompts you when it’s someone’s birthday and even provides you with a handy birthday card template to send them a personalised greeting. Soon enough, we started using every little break to check what’s happening on Facebook, always fearing we might miss out on the next big deal, whatever that’s supposed to be.

Providing WiFi to attract

As Facebook grew in popularity, the sight of people walking down the street, their faces buried in their mobiles, started to become more common. Businesses spotted the trend and started providing free Guest WiFi in order to attract Facebook lovers to their venues. What a genius idea – if people can lean back and relax at your business, they are very likely to check their phone, checking social media sites like Facebook and staying for that extra cup of coffee or a snack. Providing for all core amenities (including free WiFi) is key to success, and that’s especially true for hospitality businesses. In other words, new ways to take care of guests, brought new possibilities for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Get your business online

Today, Facebook is way more than just a way to stalk your friend’s holiday pictures. It offers information on all kinds of content, as it expanded from a personal medium to a portal that also accommodates brands and businesses. The next step for companies was being found and loved on Facebook, as it offers fantastic ways to create engagement with the fans of the customer base.

If we compare successful businesses today, we often look at the amount of Facebook likes they have on their page as social proof. People now use Social Media sites like Facebook to see how other users rate a venue and how their experience was before making a visit.

So – you’ve got a Facebook page for your venue, right? If that’s not the case, stop reading for two minutes, click here and set up an account for your venue. There are over 2 Billion Facebook users out there that you could be reaching!

Create Online Visibility

Whereas big corporate companies have a dedicated department to shape the online presence of the company, smaller enterprises often face difficulties when it comes to managing and updating their online appearance. So what’s a small business to do?

We got you covered, don’t worry! When a user connects to a Stampede powered WiFi network, they are given the option to choose from entering their email address or logging in through Facebook. This lets guests use the WiFi network with a single click by sharing the information that is public on their Facebook profile. This option holds a unique possibility for businesses, as they are then able to publish every connection that is made to their Guest Network on Facebook.

In other words, if a customer connects to the Guest WiFi Network, all their friends and contacts can see that the customer is checking in at your venue. This is a fantastic way to establish a strong and convincing online presence for your business and makes it easy for new and potential customers to find your venue online, check reviews of other guests and plan their next visit to your business.

As you can see, the right solution can help you to turn a necessity into a benefit for you business very easily. If you want to find out about the entire set of advantages that a Guest WiFi Software can bring to the table, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You’ll be surprised what your WiFi can do for you.

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