Do you tell Customers that your WiFi is safe?

Do you tell Customers that your WiFi is safe? 551 308 Aga

Having a safe and reliable WiFi service is becoming a ‘must have’ for any venue where children and young people may be present.

As the holiday season approaches, this becomes even more important for business owners. So, much like the way we put sunscreen on kids’ skin to protect from UV, a business owner must be sure access to unsafe online content on their devices, also has the strongest filters. As a business owner, you really should be letting your customers know that not only you have guest WiFi, but that it is safe for everybody to use.

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The Friendly WiFi symbol has been created and launched in collaboration with The 

UKCouncil for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), initiated by Government and WiFi providers after concerns were raised by leading child safety charities that children and young people were being put at risk of viewing and accessing inappropriate material when using public WiFi. The commitment made by the main WiFi providers was that their standard public WiFi offering would automatically filter web pages known to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) that depict indecent images of children and advertisements for or links to such content.

Joining the Friendly WiFi scheme is like applying spf 50 – which means parents and carers can now be confident their children will be kept safe online, whenever they are out & accessing free WiFi.

The Friendly WiFi program was introduced to ensure that the public WiFi being accessed is filtered and safe. Venues displaying the Friendly WiFi logo have Wi-Fi filters which block access to non – PG content. Making the web a safe place for children to be.

Even if you already offer Guest WiFi, why not get in touch with us here at Stampede. As an Approved Provider of the Digital Friendly WiFi Scheme, we are here to help you ensure your Guest WiFi is safe for all the family to use.

“The Friendly WiFi scheme is a simple and highly effective way of us ensuring we are providing confidence to people while they are online at the same time as offering the enhanced coverage and connectivity that is now available”.

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