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Jul 5, 2021


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Can Your Customer Database Help With Recruitment?

Can Your Customer Database Help With Recruitment?

The news keeps coming about recruitment troubles for hospitality and tourism businesses. How about tapping into your customer list and asking them to send it on to their family and friends? This works because your customer database is full of brand advocates which can support your recruitment efforts! If they’ve enjoyed their experience with you, it’s highly likely they would mention job openings to their family and friends.

You might even find your next employee within your loyal customers. They know your business, they’re highly engaged and attached to your company, so it is worth reaching out (plus it’s probably cheaper than recruitment websites…).

What to include in your email

The goal here is to get people excited about working at your business or to make it attractive to the point where they want to send it to family and friends. 

Subject line

Subject lines are arguably one of the most important parts of any email. Get straight to the point, make them personal and create some sense of urgency to increase open rates.

  • “We need you now – help us find our new team mate”
  • “Support your favourite [company] in finding their next team members” 
  • “Spread the word – help us find new staff members”
  • “Want to join our team? Help us find a new [job title]”
  • “Love what we do? Here’s a chance to join our team now!”
  • “Do you know someone who could be our next [job title]?”
Intro text

Your goal is to have your email shared and forwarded as much as possible. So, ask for interaction early on in your email. 

Main text

Keep it short and simple. Include a brief list of your open positions and a bit about what it’s like working with your business to get potential candidates excited. Think about the culture and perks as key points. You might as well include a team photo to give it a personal touch.

Finish with information on how potentially interested candidates can best get in touch with you. You can use a “Join our team” CTA here or links to the individual roles you’re recruiting for on recruitment websites.

How to make subscribers forward your email

You’ve got your email all set up, but how do you get your customers to share your job openings with others? Make the sharing process as easy and straightforward as possible

Here’s some best practice tips:

Call-to-action (CTA)

Include a highly visible CTA at the end of your email. E.g. “Share with a Friend”.

Use a “mailto” hyperlink for your CTAs to make it as easy as possible for your customers to forward your email. By clicking on the button, your customers’ email system will open a new email draft automatically. They can then insert the recipient(s).

Use this free tool to build your mailto link.

You can also insert a predefined subject line and/or body text if you want.

If you’d like any assistance setting up an email recruitment campaign from your customer database, get in touch with one of our team.



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