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Apr 30, 2018


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Stampede at EIE Scotland

Stampede at EIE Scotland

Why don’t Wifi hotspots just work?

That’s the question that CEO and Stampede founded Patrick Clover put before the audience at this year’s Engage, Invest and Exploit, Scotland’s premiere technology showcase.

The audience, as you can hear in the audience below, responded with knowing laughter…why? Because the Wifi at the venue for EIE was – wait for it – kind of not that great. As a matter of fact, the piece of paper that Patrick holds up at the beginning of the talk was a hastily written note telling everyone at the venue how to sign into the Wifi.

At a tech event…

It was this lack of decent Wifi that inspired Patrick to create the technology behind Stampede. Now any business can have access to awesome Wifi that just works. And more!

No messy passwords written on the wall, laser targeted automated marketing messages, bandwidth monitoring, full compliance with data protection laws (including GDPR) and more!

(No offense, EIE – but we’d be more than happy to give you a hand next year)

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