Better Photos = More Followers

Better Photos = More Followers 150 150 Euan Campbell

The importance of powerful pictures has grown dramatically as brick-and-mortar businesses lean on more online interactions with customers.

That’s the theme running through this recent interview in FSR Magazine with food and drink photography expert Leigh Loftus .

Through her Chef Shots organisation, Leigh aims to improve the  photography skills of those in the food and beverage industry. And it’s all based on smartphone cameras.

Food and drink photography is a vast subject, but a few quick improvements can make photos much more eye-catching on busy social media feeds.

Here’s the top phone photography tips we’ve picked up already:

  1. Clean your lens to prevent blurry photos. The lens will pick up dirt, grime and fingerprints from being handled day-to-day.
  2. Turn on the grid. Most cameras will have a grid option in the settings. This helps with the framing of pictures and making sure things are lined up. It also gets you started using the rule of thirds.
  3. Tap and hold to focus. With the camera open, tap and hold on the item in the photo you want to show off most. This will focus the camera on that point and lock it in until the picture is taken, ensuring crisp and clear images of your subject.

There are more quick lessons on The Chef Shot Youtube channel, including guides on photo editing and lighting.

With better pictures comes better stories for your fans and followers. The connection between your brand and them will grow, as will the power of your social media and email content to drive more business.