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Jun 7, 2023


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Become A Stampede Pro With These Hidden Features

Become A Stampede Pro With These Hidden Features

To speed up your productivity when moving around Stampede, we’ve built a range of clever shortcuts and quick actions.

Check out our top tips grouped by product feature.

Stampede Marketing

Save a sent campaign as a template for future use

Click on ‘view’ to open the campaign preview from an email that has been sent out. 

Then click on ‘Save campaign to template’ on the top right.

Insert preheader text within a campaign

You can include a pre-header text to your campaign that follows your subject line. 

When editing your campaign content click on ‘body’ and you can add your pre-header text within the email settings.

Stampede Table Booking Platform

Selecting multiple tables for a booking combo

In the day planner view, click and drag in an available time slot to create a new table booking.

Hold Shift and click on the other tables you’d like to include in this booking.

Quickly block a table from being booked online

This quick action is handy if you want to pause your online bookings for a certain period, i.e. you have a big group walk-in.

To do this, in the day planner view click on the square on the table you’d like to block and click save.

View a cover breakdown

Within whatever view you’re on, click on ‘total covers’ on the top right. 

This will open a covers breakdown listing all bookings by status for the day you’re currently viewing.

Resend booking confirmation email

Click on the booking you would like to resend the confirmation email to

Head to ‘actions’ and ‘resend confirmation email’ at the bottom.

We’re here to help if you have any questions and make sure to head to our support page for more information and guidance on the Stampede features.



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