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Aug 14, 2017


3 min read

Bad WiFi: Is This As Good as It Gets?

Bad WiFi: Is This As Good as It Gets?

Why are we putting up with Bad WiFi?

We want to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, stay updated and be able to doStampede Wifi work anywhere, anytime. But how many times have you found yourself searching around a restaurant or cafe for a WiFi password?

Did you have to ask a member of the staff? Did they even know it? How about the time you had to fill in a seemingly endless form to connect? And then there’s the Guessing Game – where you have to hack into the WiFi by guessing the password.

If you do eventually manage to connect, all too often you’ll be faced with poor connectivity. Repeated dropping out and reconnecting, slow loading webpages and having to re-enter a password on every visit which leaves a ‘what’s the point?’ feeling. So we accept bad WiFi and continue to use our data allowance out of pure convenience.

Spending Our Data Allowance

But what about the times when we can’t use our data allowance, such as when we are on holiday, or in a basement bar? How many times have you found yourself having to leave a bar or club late at night to stand in the cold and rain just to get some phone signal, to book a taxi or arrange to meet friends for example? It’s simply crazy that we have to do that. Hunting for data and feeling cut off from the world isn’t acceptable, is frustrating and can be anxiety provoking.

I think we’d agree that having access to Guest WiFi is essential in most public places – such as public transport – but why are we accepting such a poor quality experience? All we want is for the WiFi to just work, but it is associated with hassle and disappointment – our expectations are not high.

Why don’t we demand better?

We need to spread the word that Guest WiFi can do more than just work – it can provide users and businesses with an epic experience, where we enjoy once in a lifetime login and promotional offers just for using the Guest WiFi as we normally would.

A seamless WiFi experience and discounts on favourite drinks and food at places we visit is a huge win-win for us as customers. Who doesn’t want a free drink on their birthday? Or a discount on their next visit?

It’s about telling businesses where we think they can do better. We as customers don’t need to suffer poor quality Guest WiFi when there are easy to set up, cost effective solutions available which can be set up in your local independent coffee shop, national restaurant chains or multinational hotels.

Tell Us About Your Bad WiFi

Why not have something which exceeds our expectations? Have you ever been through a really bad WiFi experience? Maybe the signal was almost non-existent, the speed was slow as a snail or it was just not safe at all?  Feel free share your experience on the comments section below.

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