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Product Update – SMS Verification
Product Update – SMS Verification 150 150 Patrick Clover

Why SMS verification is important? The whole world has a mobile phone numberGuaranteed deliverability Instant validation through modern smartphonesSMS marketing has a 97% read rate within 15 minutes Why did…

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Open Mesh Integration
Open Mesh Integration 800 800 Patrick Clover

Today is a big day for us at Stampede, as we are now fully integrated with the Open Mesh / Cloud Trax ecosystem, meaning you can get up and running…

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Mapping: How we did it
Mapping: How we did it 1567 1016 Patrick Clover

Big Data… The latest buzz-word thrown around the internet, almost as much as ‘the Cloud’ or ‘the IoT’. Contrary to what the international businessman would have you believe, Big Data…

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Facebook Checkin on WiFi
Facebook Checkin on WiFi 1038 630 Patrick Clover

Ready to start building your business through social networks?

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