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Jul 13, 2022


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3 Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Bookings & Reviews

3 Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Bookings & Reviews

Managing online table bookings and handling online customer reviews are daily tasks for every hospitality operator. Despite how heavily connected bookings and feedback are in the customer journey, it’s surprising how disconnected they can be when it comes to data.

Aside from the obvious benefits of a slick customer experience, with the data and insights from both together, you can elevate your operations to the next level.

1) Get valuable operational insights

If you sync your customer’s feedback to the booking you will get access to the customer’s name and table. 

From this, you can withdraw valuable operational insights, i.e. trace back who served the customers, what they have ordered, etc. 

This is particularly useful if the customer has left a negative review. It will help you to better understand what might have happened and to take appropriate action.

2) Control your reviews

By linking both systems you have better control of your reviews

Quite often it’s when the booking is first made that triggers the eventual customer feedback request.

But what if the customer is a no-show? In most cases, they will still get the feedback request. However, if your systems are connected, the systems know that the customer has actually been at your venue

For example, once the customer has been checked in via the FOH booking system, a feedback email can be triggered for a certain time after that. 

This way you also avoid fake or invalid reviews by customers who have never been to your venue, which can harm your overall score. 

3) Optimise the full customer journey

You could say that your customer journey starts with the booking and ends with the review. If you now connect both, you can plot out the events in-between better.

This will give you a full, single customer view of their experience and the timeline of events. 

It helps you to ensure that – from a customer perspective – everything runs smoothly from end to end. Action can be taken at key touch points. New opportunities for personalised customer experiences can be discovered with ease.

How To Use Reviews and Bookings Data To Increase Loyalty

There’s even more you can do with the combined data from your booking and feedback system.

Here are 3 segmentation examples you can use to power up your marketing campaigns.

Has been at the venue but has not left a review 
-> Send a review reminder, you can incentivise it if you want

Has been at the venue and has left positive feedback
-> Reach out and send them a special offer if they refer you to family & friends

Has been at the venue and has left negative feedback
->  Win-back campaign with a special offer

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