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Jan 26, 2022


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2 Easy Ways To Drive Sales With Gift Cards and Marketing

2 Easy Ways To Drive Sales With Gift Cards and Marketing

With the hospitality restrictions still ongoing, many businesses have gone back to a reduced level of service or are only offering takeaway and delivery. Once more, they have to tap into other sources to drive customer engagement and increase revenue. We’ve had a closer look at gift cards and email marketing, two profitable tools businesses should make use of right now.

Boost Your Gift Card Sales

Income now, footfall later. Plus, increased spending when being redeemed and free advertising for your business. Gift cards aren’t just a great source of extra sales around the holiday season. They actually are a valuable revenue source all year round.

Get creative and give your gift cards a shake-up for the new year. You can customise your gift card offers with certain bonuses added to them to make them stand out. Why not include a tasting menu or wine package? 

Take your gift cards to the next level and use digital Gift Cards by Stampede. It’s not only easy to use for your customers but also integrates seamlessly with our marketing platform.

This makes it simple to get more value from your gift card sales. For example, contacting customers who have purchased a card but have not yet redeemed it to encourage bookings.

Learn more about our digital Gift Cards made for hospitality here.

Leverage Email Marketing

You can use our Marketing platform to further engage with your customers via email and promote your offers.

To get started with your email marketing:

  1. Gather together customer data from your digital tools, e.g. order & pay, loyalty program into a mailing list.
  2. Simply upload all customer contacts via a CSV import to Stampede.
  3. You can further segment your list into specific customer groups, e.g. upcoming birthday this month or loyal customer.
  4. Now, you can start creating targeted campaigns that are sure to drive some extra revenue.

Some campaign ideas for the new year:

  • New year gift card offer – “redeem/book now to get extra …” 
  • Special gift card deal for your big order takeaway/delivery customers
  • New menu 2022 promotion
  • Delivery, takeout or meal kit offer, e.g. for those who have cancelled a booking recently 
  • Upcoming event highlights for 2022 with early bird promotion
  • Customer survey – your menu favourites of last year
  • Coming up – Valentines Day offers for meal kits and dine-in

Extra tip – We’ve got some ready-to-use email templates and pre-made audience grouping ideas in our marketing platform. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to send out your first campaigns much quicker.

We also integrate with the order & pay provider Storekit so you can use your transaction data to target those regular customers with your best offers.

Find out more about our Marketing platform here.

If you would like some help with setting up Gift Cards or Email Marketing get in touch. We’re happy to help to get you started.



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