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Zindiya Streatery & Bar

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+£11,700 marketing ROI

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Over 3,700 contactable customers

Growing their mailing list with automated data capture.

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Zindiya Streatery and Bar was created by a husband and wife team in 2017. The 90-cover restaurant offers an immersive experience of India in a casual environment. 

From the scrumptious afternoon chai to the fun night out or the quick lunch stop, there is something for everyone which makes the restaurant very popular with locals.

Zindiya implemented Stampede to expand their mailing list and bring customers back with personalised marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

With competition picking up in the neighbourhood, Zindiya were looking for a quick way to collect compliant customer data to build their mailing list. 

In the past, they were getting customer contact details only from their booking system, which led to slow database growth. Shivani Kenth, Director of Zindiya Streatery & Bar, explains the situation: “If one person is making the booking for four, we only get the details of the main booker. But how do we get data from other three?” 

Zindiya were also looking for a way to improve their WiFi log-in experience for their customers. As Shivani remembers: “The WiFi we offered before was a bit fiddly. They had to ask for a password, rather than being able to connect automatically.”

It is beneficial to hospitality as it is a one-stop-shop solution. I definitely recommend it to other businesses.”

“The Stampede customer service is very responsive, quick and friendly. I’ve been happy with how my ideas and suggestions have been taken on from the team and put into action. It ticks all the boxes for us.”

Shivani Kenth – Director, Zindiya Streatery & Bar

The Solution

Shivani came across Stampede when looking for a captive portal solution and it immediately ticked all the boxes for them. 

For Shivani “It’s a simple way to get people connected to the WiFi and get their data at the same time which we can use to market to them.” Plus, returning customers will automatically be reconnected when they come back, which positively impacts their experience.

The setup at the venue was really easy and so far, Zindiya have been able to grow their database to more than 3,700 GDPR-compliant customer contacts

They have also started to use their contact database to send out bi-weekly newsletters with customised offers, as well as personalised birthday emails. As a result, more customers come back to their venue on a regular basis. 

The campaigns have already generated over £11,700 in return visits and Shivani is very pleased with the results they’re getting.

Having used other email providers before, Shivani also highlights the simplicity of creating branded campaigns within Stampede. “The platform is really good with different fonts and offers a wide range of colours. It’s easy to move things around and make it look nice”.

Coming Up

Shivani and her husband are already looking at implementing additional Stampede tools, such as Bookings and Loyalty, that would allow them to further expand their database. 

On top of that, Stampede Reviews is of particular interest to them. With their current solution, they have no control over the reviews that get published and are unable to automatically push them to 3rd party sites, such as Tripadvisor and Google.

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