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Butta Burger

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Over 8,000 new customer records

+£26,000 return on investment

95% marketing opt-in rate

Growing their database with automated data capture.

Trackable ROI from 4 marketing campaigns.

A compliant and engaged customer mailing list to support marketing campaigns.

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Butta Burger’s success story started at the end of 2020, during the first lockdown when they became Edinburgh’s most famous ghost kitchen. Now, they run 2 venues in the city with plans to expand.

Butta Burger uses Stampede to build and grow their mailing list to retain customers with targeted email campaigns.

The Challenge

In a competitive market environment such as the hospitality industry, staying on top of customers’ minds is essential to be able to retain them.

Graham Atkinson, co-founder at Butta Burger admits that at the beginning “we didn’t do much in terms of data collection, but with my background in marketing I was aware of how important it was”. 

The lack of customer contact details meant they didn’t have any means to reach out to customers to actively retain them. This quickly became a problem. 

The initial buzz of “new venue” footfall wasn’t going to sustain itself. The most reliable way to keep the level of traffic going was to start capturing customer contacts and sending emails.

“I like the sort of one-stop-shop scenario. Before I had to manually add the data to my own database, which takes a lot of time.”

“Stampede became a part of our recipe for success. It has been an integral part of our marketing to retain customers. And we will happily carry it on to any other venues moving forward.”

Graham Atkinson – Director, Butta Burger

The Solution

Stampede appealed to them from the first moment for various reasons.

Butta Burger’s unique branding helps them raise brand awareness across all digital channels and therefore contributes to their overall customer experience. As Graham explains:having the ability to change the splash screen design makes it sort of look personal to us rather than some generic WiFi provider.” 

In addition, Graham adds that “from a customer’s point of view, it’s really easy to sign-up for the WiFi as there’s no lengthy form.” The smooth and simplified customer log-in experience is also reflected in their 95% opt-in rate.

What’s more, with Stampede they can now automatically gather all their customer contact details in one single platform. Graham describes that usually “you had to manually add the data to your own database. Which takes a lot of time.”

The Stampede Marketing platform also makes it easy for them to create high converting and branded campaigns. A task that they had outsourced to a designer before at much greater costs. 

So far, Butta Burger is really pleased with the results. Graham acknowledges that “the ROI on the campaigns is pretty good for the short period of time.” Within 6 months, they were able to get over £26,000 in return visits

They’ve also started to ask custom questions on their WiFi sign-up forms, so they can personalise their marketing better and increase conversions. For example their special ‘Student Segment’ allows them to send out targeted offers to students.

Coming Up

Graham is already looking into expanding Butta Burger further in the coming years. Due to the easy set-up process and the great results they’ve gained so far, Stampede is now a fixed part of their growth plans.

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