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Mar 9, 2021


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What’s On This Week? – 08/03/2021

What’s On This Week? – 08/03/2021

Cheers to all the women out there, this is your week! We’ve got International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day coming up and we’ll evoke some childhood memories by taking a closer look at your lunch box. 

There’re tons of ways to interact with your customers this week. So let’s dive straight into it.

Monday 8th – International Women’s Day

This year’s theme “Choose to Challenge” offers great ways to engage with your female customers! It’s all about challenging conventions and changing attitudes. And as we’ve seen it a lot of times happening already: from challenge comes change. So don’t be afraid to #ChooseToChallenge this year! Be a Flamingo in a flock of gulls! Time to shine.

Let your customers be part of International Women’s Day:

  • Share story/background of your female team power
  • Share stories of inspirational female leaders of the industry
  • Who is your female hero? Tag a fearless women
  • What would you choose to challenge today?

Wednesday 10th – National Pack Your Lunch Day

Remember when you were younger and your parents used to pack your school lunch? Those were the days. Though kids do not always agree with their parent’s choices. Did you also trade your lunch for something fancier? It’s National Pack Your Lunch Day coming up.

Now it’s totally up to you. You decide what goes into your lunch box. What type of lunch person are you? Pre-cooker (getting it all ready over the weekend) or spontaneous take-whatever-is-in-the-fridge? Always-healthy or not-without-my-crips? Soup or sandwich? Simple or all in?

Maybe you got a bit lazy with packing your lunch with most of us working from home. Try to stick to a routine, pack your lunch before you start working. It means you have something to look forward to in your lunch break. Take the chance and revitalise your lunchtime offers with fresh and healthy choices.

Get your customers excited about Pack Your Lunch Day:

  • Promote special lunch takeaway/delivery offers
  • What’s in your lunch box?
  • Throwback – remake your school lunch box
  • Who was on your lunchbox? #LunchboxHero
  • Think outside the box – share ideas to spice up your lunch

Sunday 14th – Mother’s Day

No denying, for most of us Mother’s Day celebrations will be a little different this year. However, there’re lots of great ways to make sure your mum gets the special day she deserves. 

Forget about the usual flowers and the chocolate box. Most mothers prefer to have a family meal together. You might not be able to share the same table but you can definitely share the same meal!

Ideas to treat your mum and create some precious moments virtually:

  • Order the same delivery/takeaway
  • Order the same mealbox for a cook-along
  • Do a tasting session together
  • Send each other a list of ingredients and cook together

How to celebrate Mother’s Day with your customers:

  • Special last-minute brunch offers
  • Give mums a special treatment, i.e. free dessert for all takeaway/delivery
  • Promote your gift card/vouchers, cooking classes etc.
  • Photo recreation contest on your socials

Some thoughtful advice for your Mother’s Day email marketing. For some this topic might be sensitive, so make sure to offer an “opt-out” option for this special campaign. 

More Topics to Choose From

Tuesday 9th – Meatball Day
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Friday 12th – Plant a Flower Day
Sunday 14th – Ask a Question Day (You ask, we answer)

If you’re looking to get your stories and promotions in front of your customers get in touch with our team. We’re here to help with your email marketing and much more.



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