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Mar 2, 2021


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What’s On This Week? – 01/03/2021

What’s On This Week? – 01/03/2021

Fresh Content Inspiration for a New Month

This week marks the beginning of a new month! We had a little sneak peek for you and March is full of exciting topics and events to look forward to. Mother’s Day is less than a fortnight away! Get your customers prepped with brunch and gift ideas and don’t forget to promote your offers.

But let’s jump straight into this week’s topics. National Nutrition Month meets Pie Week and Peanut Butter Day. Healthy vs. no regrets? Take your pick!


This year’s theme is “Personalise Your Plate” by making informed food choices, committing to healthy eating and physical activity. The campaign also features weekly key messages with inspiring ideas on how to commit to eating and living healthy.

Tips to encourage and support your customers:

  • Share your favourite healthy recipes
  • Share healthy snack ideas
  • Share hacks around meal planning & cooking
  • Share daily exercise tips from your staff
  • Start a ‘real food’ challenge and provide tips on how to swap processed with real food

1st to 7th of March – #BritishPieWeek

The saying goes that: “We in Britain stopped evolving gastronomically with the advent of the pie.” It’s true: we Brits just love our pies and we’re a well-known pie nation. So why should we come up with anything more than that? 

Pies brighten our dinner tables, complement a perfect picnic and make the most delicious dessert (apple pie!). Pie variations seem to be endless. It’s not only about choosing the right filling, but also deciding on the right base. Just no soggy bottom, please! And to stick to British Pie origins, there should be a top and a base involved.

Get your customers engaged in pie week:

  • Offer a pie meal kit
  • Share your chef’s best pie recipes
  • How to get the perfect crust/bottom
  • Poll – what kind of pie lover are you?
  • Competition – share your homemade pies with us and win

Monday 1st – #PeanutButterLover’sDay 

It can be crunchy or smooth, rich and intense. It can go sweet or savoury. But it is definitely indulgent and comforting. Peanut butter! I would say, there’s (almost) nothing a spoonful of peanut butter can’t fix. No doubt, peanut butter is one of the world’s most favourite spreads. 

Keeping National Nutrition Month in mind, there are lots of delicious healthy peanut butter snack recipes out there! After all, peanuts are a good protein source and high in healthy fats.

Peanut butter is also part of some iconic duos – Which one is your favourite?

  • Peanut butter & toast – the straightforward one
  • Peanut butter & jelly – the classic one
  • Peanut butter & chocolate – the match made in heaven one
  • Peanut butter & pork – the Asian-style one
  • Peanut butter & pizza – the more adventurous ones

More Content Ideas for This Week

Friday 5th – Employee Appreciation Day (Employee spotlight!)
Saturday 6th – National Oreo Cookie Day
Saturday 6th – White Chocolate Cheesecake Day
Sunday 7th – National Cereal Day

If you’re looking to get your stories and promotions in front of your customers get in touch with our team. We’re here to help with your email marketing and much more.



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