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Apr 23, 2018


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The Advantages of Managed WiFi for Your Hospitality Chain

The Advantages of Managed WiFi for Your Hospitality Chain

Let us tell you a story. From how it all began with a single venue to a big multi-venue hospitality chain. To the advantages of managed WiFi from one dashboard for all the venues.

Growth is a good thing. Especially in business. Sure, it’s nice when you’re finally able to open that speciality Mashed Avocado food truck you’ve always wanted. But when you were finally able to open your own brick and mortar Mashed Avocado Hut, you thought things couldn’t get better. Until you opened another. And another. Soon, your Mashed Avocado Huts were dotting the landscape.

And then, just like any good hospitality owner, you saw that your customers were clamouring for WiFi – and that’s where the problems began. You needed to configure a separate WiFi password for each of your cafes. Then you started running into problems with people abusing the WiFi. Even more, because some of your Mashed Avocado Emporiums were in less “desirable” parts of town, you experienced problems with nogoodniks hanging outside your shops just to scam free WiFi.

What can a hospitality chain owner who wants to offer awesome WiFi do? Well, let’s remember we are in the 21st Century here and it’s the future. How about managing ALL your WiFi for ALL your locations from one centralised dashboard? Is that really possible you might think?

Hi (waves) we’re Stampede and we’re here to help.

If you’re running a hospitality chain, we think we have the best solution out there for managing multiple WiFi networks with the least amount of effort.

Here’s why:

Manage Multiple Locations

With Stampede, it’s easy to keep an overview of all your locations with our easy to use dashboard. No rushing around from location to location every time you need to update passwords. Simply log in to the Stampede dashboard, choose your location from the dropdown, and make your changes. And that’s not all – set bandwidth limits, whitelist or blacklist devices, configure WiFi schedules (to filter out the nogoodniks) and more.

Single Login for Customers

Another cool feature that your customers will notice and you don’t have to do a thing to set up is automated login. Let’s say a customer heads from one Mashed Avocado Hut location to another. When they get to the new location, they’re automatically logged into the WiFi.

Pretty cool, huh? Try doing that with the WiFi box you get from your cable company.

Integrated Automated Marketing

Sure, being able to change passwords in multiple locations with the click of a mouse is pretty cool already. But what about sending out automated marketing messages to your best customers? The Stampede dashboard comes with a handy integrated map so you will know where your customers are coming from. Use our real-time heat map to help craft marketing messages and find out if it’s worth targeting specific regions.

Opening up a Smashed Avocado Hut in a new part of town? Use automated marketing to target customers in the area and let them know that they don’t have to drive across town to get their avocado fix! In addition, you can use automated marketing to target customers who haven’t visited in a while or use it to send out birthday offers like a coupon for a free drink or side dish. The possibilities are endless.

Brand it As Yours

Create a splash page and upload through your dashboard to all your locations. Your brand will be the first thing that customers see as soon as they log in to your WiFi. Preview your splash page in the Stampede dashboard and see how it looks on both mobile and tablets.

Grow Marketing Lists

All a customer needs is a valid email address for verification and they’re connected. But, in addition to email, you can use this opportunity to ask your customer for other data, like name, age, postcode, gender and much, much more. Then import this data into your existing marketing lists or create a new one.

Increase Your Social Presence

Don’t want to ask your customers for email? No worries, have them authenticate their WiFi connection through Facebook. The cool part about this is that all your customers’ friends will see that they’re scarfing mashed avocado at your location.

After a successful login, you can even redirect a customer to your Facebook page where you can ask them for Likes to boost your social presence. Nailing social media has never been so easy!

Mashed Avocado for Everyone

In this short article, we hope you were able to see some of the advantages of using a guest WiFi solution like Stampede for managing your multiple hospitality locations. And if you want to take your business to the next level (even if it doesn’t involve mashed avocado), why not take us for a test spin?

We offer a free, no-obligation trial and integrate with all the leading WiFi hardware like Cisco, UniFi, Mikrotik and more. Setup takes just a few minutes, and you’ll soon be seeing the advantages of managing all your WiFi connections from one centralised location.



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