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Jan 12, 2017


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Social Media Authentication For Guest Wi-Fi

Social Media Authentication For Guest Wi-Fi

Why is Social Authentication so Important?

For travellers, few amenities rival the importance of being connected when staying in hotels, resorts or when visiting public venues, like airports or stadiums.  Good internet connectivity will always be one of the first things travellers demand.

Stampede offers social media authentication, so travellers can provide your venue with a Facebook Like, Facebook Check-In or Twitter Follow to boost your company’s social media growth and exposure.

The benefits of this are plentiful, no access codes /passwords make it easy for users to connect. Most internet users in the modern day are already familiar with common social sites, meaning connecting accounts in exchange for WiFi, is an appealing option for some. This type of authentication helps

Stampede Facebook

build your social media following, which in turn gets your name out there to the masses. With social media in the picture, every hotel, motel, resort, airport or stadium wants guests and users to share the good times and leave positive feedback; now these users are immediately guided to your social media accounts.

Stampede Twitter

With social media in the picture, every hotel, motel, resort, airport or stadium wants guests and users to share a good experience and leave positive feedback, allowing a social login guides users to your accounts straight away.

Social Media Authentication through Stampede WiFi can help you and your business to boost social media exposure while providing your guests with a positive guest internet access experience.

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